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Set Point theory implies that a person's baseline or equilibrium level of SWB is a consequence of hereditary characteristics and therefore, almost entirely predetermined at birth.Evidence for this genetic predisposition derives from behavior-genetic studies that have found that positive and negative affectivity each have high heritability (40% and 55% respectively in one study). note that heritability studies are limited in that they describe long-term SWB in a sample of people in a modern western society but may not be applicable to more extreme environments that might influence SWB and do not provide absolute indicators of genetic effects.To gain more accurate results, other methods of measurement have been used to determine one’s SWB.

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Someone with a high level of life satisfaction and a positive affective balance is said to have a high level of SWB.

In the top-down view, global features of personality influence the way a person perceives events.

A common measurement for life satisfaction is questionnaires.

Affective balance is also generally measured using a self-report method.

An example of a measurement of affective balance is the PANAS (Positive Affect Negative Affect Schedule).

The issue with the current measurements of life satisfaction and affective balance is that they are self-reports.In this measure, participants are given a beeper/pager that will randomly ring throughout the day.Whenever the beeper/pager sounds, the participant will stop what he/she is doing and record the activity they are currently engaged in and their current mood and feelings.Components of SWB relating to affect include positive affect (experiencing pleasant emotions and moods) and low negative affect (experiencing unpleasant, distressing emotions and moods), as well as "overall affect" or "hedonic balance", defined as the overall equilibrium between positive and negative affect, and usually measured as the difference between the two. One is Affective Balance and the other is Life Satisfaction.An individual's scores on the two measures are summed to produce a total SWB score. The term "happiness" is also commonly used in regards to SWB and has been defined variously as "satisfaction of desires and goals" (therefore related to life satisfaction), as a "preponderance of positive over negative affect" (therefore related to emotional components of SWB), Affective concepts of SWB can be considered in terms of momentary emotional states as well as in terms of longer-term moods and tendencies ( much positive and/or negative affect a person generally experiences over any given period of time).


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