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Since they seldom require other hosts to initiate connection to them, their operation doesn’t rely much on Dynamic DNS.

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Given this background, let us explore some of the options available to setup DDNS for Linux based clients.

In this series of posts, I will explore 3 options: Point 3 is important to me since I had to work out a solution at work where we are using hundreds of Raspberry Pi’s, all booting the same image cloned on to flash disks.

Thanks In the latter case the DHCP client service (yes, confusing, but this is just how it is implemented) is responsible for sending the DNS dynamic update. Plus the fact that dynamic DNS updates are something that...

The behavior is configurable via group policy settings. here is an angle you have mised: How would DNS know all members? are not really used that much outside the MS world.

Every time a Windows PC gets an IP address from DHCP server, it would send a DNS Update (Opcode = 5) request to its registered DNS server.

Performed manually, this is same as typing “ipconfig /registerdns” at an elevated command prompt.

At its basic, the entire process relies on Dynamic DNS as explained in RFC2136.

In a traditional windows environment with AD, this process is taken care by client OS.

Take a look at the capture of Linux client performing DNS update, you can see that the server comes back with a UPDATE REFUSED response.

This is because our DNS server is enabled with secure updates which means only authenticated clients can send update.

While Linux has proliferated extensively in the server arena in the recent past, client networks are still dominated by Windows devices.

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