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So how did Cliffdale go from being one of the most remarkable mansions on the Hudson to these dilapidated ruins?

As detailed by the Palisades Interstate Park website, the property was purchased by John D.

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Realizing this website is clearly worth sacrificing my life for, I went up… At the end opposite the cliffs, you can see a pair of stairs…

…which meet in the center to form a single staircase down to the lower level – did this once lead into water?

…and in 1911: There are a few other unidentifiable structures, like this short stone pillar set in the ground.

Probably will never know what this was: The columns sprawl right up to the cliffs.Intensely silent, with the Palisades traffic strangely muted and only the sound of dripping water to be heard, I suddenly realized there were a LOT of nooks and crannies for some deranged killer who called this place home to jump out of… On the way down to where the pond and garden used to be, I found this neat curved double staircase……like this caved-in cellar area: Or, more likely, up these stairs… One side of the curve: And lo and behold, once you’re through the trees, a portion of the garden/pool does still remain!Zabriskie hailed from one of Bergen County’s wealthiest and most prominent families and worked as a NY representative for the Pillsbury Flour Mills.His estate stretched far out around the manor house……which are most likely the numerous columns seen in the above two photographs: The view from the patio today…


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