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The series focuses on the pornographic movie industry.It is part of the "New Trilogy" collection on Canal .In all, twenty episodes of the "Annette" serial aired from February to March of 1958, paving the way for bigger things.

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Guy Williams (TV's LOST IN SPACE) stars as the legendary masked avenger -- who thunders out of the night and into bold adventures to right every wrong.

Carving a "Z" with his blade, this caped hero triumphs over every trap, to outwit those who would prey on the poor and powerless.

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From broken truces to daring duels, ride along on these eight thrilling episodes.

1951: Dude Duck, Corn Chips, Test Pilot Donald, Lucky Number, Out of Scale, Bee On Guard 1952: Donald Applecore, Let's Stick Together, Trick or Treat 1953: Don's Fountain of Youth, The New Neighbor, Working for Peanuts, Canvas Back Duck 1954: Donald's Diary, Dragon Around, Grin and Bear It, The Flying Squirrel, Grand Canyonscope 1955: Bearly Asleep, Beezy Bear, Up A Tree 1956: Chips Ahoy, How to Have an Accident In the Home 1959: Donald in Mathmagic Land 1961: Donald and the Wheel, The Litterbug "Dr Syn, Alias the Scarecrow," which first aired as three separate episodes on Disneys weekly TV show under the title "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh," was edited for theatrical releases in England and the U. This DVD set includes all three of the original TV episodes plus the theatrical version of the film that was released in England.Riding astride his stunning black stallion Tornado to defend the poor and oppressed, his alter ego, El Zorro ("The Fox"), expertly wields bullwhip, sword, and cunning to right every wrong as perhaps the first caped crusader -- one who inspired legions more.Contains 39 episodes in original black & white format, two of the special one-hour episodes, individually-numbered authenticity certificate, introductions by Leonard Maltin, all-new never-before-seen bonus features, exclusive Zorro pin and lithograph.So far there are no announcements made as to whether or not they will air the first two seasons.Join us and receive access UP TO 10 VOYEUR SECTIONS on the site instantly!It was proposed as a TV movie in two parts, the first lasting 74 minutes and the second lasting 78 minutes.

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