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A key supporting character was Bucky Barnes, Cap's boy sidekick and an answer to Robin.

However, Cap also had to deal with being a man out of his time, with everyone he knew being long gone, while also being plagued with his greatest failure — not being able to save his sidekick's life in their final fight against Baron Zemo — until Rick Jones finally told him to quit his whining and move on.

Cap took that advice, and while the Red Skull drove Rick away when impersonating Cap, Rogers got a new partner, The Falcon, who was with him for years.

Steve will return to the role of Captain America in the setting with a new shield with new abilities, but Falcon will also retain the title and the original shield, turning Captain America into a Collective Identity.2016 proves to be a rather shocking year for Steve Rogers as in the end of the very first volume of the comic , he uttered the shocking words: "Hail HYDRA".

This sent fandom to a complete frenzy to see the patriotic American icon revealed to be a Nazi, everything he stood against. Steve was amongst the headline of Marvel, but as it turned out, it was caused by the Anthropomorphic Personification of the Cosmic Cube, Kobik, trying to make a better world by rewriting reality (but unfortunately thought that HYDRA would be good).

In the cynical 1980s, Rogers would be forced out of his Cap persona and replaced by an Anti-Hero Substitute, John Walker, only to serve as The Captain to show his ideals still had power in the The Dark Age of Comic Books, loyal to nothing but The American Dream. In 2007, Rogers even took up armed resistance to the American crackdown on the superhero community in the , until he surrendered and was assassinated.

Eventually, Cap learned that this was all arranged by the Red Skull to sully his name and took back his old motif with Walker getting Rogers' Captain costume to be U. Even though Word of God stated that he was Killed Off for Real, nobody believed it.

And while he does cleave to certain less-than-admirable 1940s values, he still stands for the Dream.

In volume 2, he and the Ultimates even split off from working for the U. government after some questionable assignments in the Middle East almost led to America's downfall.

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