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It’s more about broadening your horizons and leaving your expectations at the door.

We throw in different conversation challenges at our event so you usually can’t ask people what they do for work or where they live or where they grew up – it’s designed so we don’t sit down and put someone in a box. You don’t really get to talk to each other and you’re not even facing each other, it’s just kind of weird.

Approach: We make an effort to utilise unusual venues, typically warehouses or warehouse conversions, and collaborate with some of Sydney’s best DJs and party-throwers.

Or, you know, you could just say you’re not interested.

I’ve left a date after a single drink before, not because it was unpleasant, but simply because I could.

It has a young boozy crowd in their early twenties and it started around the same time Tinder started being widely used.

I soon realised there was a hole in the market for people who were down to earth, a bit older and maybe wanted a more long-term relationship, so we branched out and started Conscious Dating.

If your date’s spending more time looking at their phone than your face, that’s probably not a great sign.

But then they also may have just found a really great Insta-puppy... If you find you’re not interested, get the bartender on your side and work out an infallible escape plan.

It’s all face-to-face, it’s not online and you’re not uploading any information about yourself.

The idea of having a checklist, which often happens with online dating, is a bit unrealistic because the actual chances of finding that perfect someone who ticks all your boxes is a bit slim.

Before a dating night, I often get asked how it works, what they should wear and, usually with an undertone of urgency, if there’ll be alcohol.

My answers are: you’ll find out, wear anything so long as it’s not a suit, and who do you think we are?

It’s usually people who have a bit of a level of self-awareness and an interest in being mindful, having good connections and cultivating good relationships.


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