shawn johnson dating - Dlink dyndns not updating

First i would like to report that now i can get into the FB config site.

i used the phone as instructed before and dialed this number,#991*15901590*, i did hear some clicking and i think that must have reset the modem, but in saying that, when i logged on i could still see my phone number and other settings that i have done before, so not sure if it did reset or not.

As above i used the Y Cable, and yes i connected the ethernet cable from the PC to the Modems port 1. One thing i haven't tried is, to try the ethernet cable in another port on the back of the modem. OS installed: 06.52, i am sure that i updated the firmware when i was connected with ADSL2 .

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Edit: typo So, the way I understand what you have done so far:1.

A few minutes later the DSL LED changed to a solid light (the FB synced with the FTTN line, so far so good).

I am giving up with it and i intend to let MWave know about it i am hoping that they give me an exchange, i am sure that i have done everything possible to get it going. like i said i will get into it again tomorrow and let you all know what the results are from the testing in the way that you suggested. INP on on Signal-to-noise ratio d B 17 19Bitswap off off Line attenuation d B 23 44 Profile 17a G.

I want to thank you Firewall and all the others that came up with suggestions, all have been very helpful to me even tho i did not achieve an internet connection, i appreciate the help very much, i have learned a bit due to all the info i have been given. You did get a solid "DSL" light on the FB using the 'Y' cable, I think you should keep using it. For now i say goodnight, i need to sit in front of the TV and forget about it for a little while. Vector full full Carrier record A43 A43 Error Counter Seconds With Not Remediable Errors (CRC)Errors (ES) Many Errors (SES) per Minute Last15 Minutes FRITZ!

Connected the FB to the phone socket using a cable with an RJ11 and an RJ45 plugs (RJ11 plugged into the phone socket and the RJ45 plugged into the FB DSL/TEL socket).

A few minutes later the DSL LED changed to a solid light (the FB synced with the FTTN line, so far so good).2.

At this stage you should be able to open the FB's UI by using the following IP In your browser: you mentioned it's a no-go, still unable to access the FB's log-in page.

Is that correct so far, or I misunderstood something ?

I tried the netcomm dsl cable in the FB and i could not get into the config page,where is now i can get into the FB config page and still no luck with internet connection tho.

Okay, don't use the Y cable, but I see you've already tried that. So you have connected the phone socket to the DSL port using a standard phone cable and connected the computer to port 1 (or 2,3,4) using an Ethernet cable?

Before you get to logging in, just trying to make sure you are syncing. On the (top) right hand side click on "DSL" under "Interfaces".


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