Ns town dating from 1750 s

His father, Johann Ambrosius, worked as the town musician in Eisenach, and it is believed that he taught young Johann to play the violin.

At the age of seven, Bach went to school where he received religious instruction and studied Latin and other subjects.

Sometime after his arrival, his voice changed and Bach switched to playing the violin and the harpsichord.

In early December, Bach was released and allowed to go to Cöthen. He played the violin and often bought musical scores while traveling abroad.

While at Cöthen, Bach devoted much of his time to instrumental music, composing concertos for orchestras, dance suites and sonatas for multiple instruments.

Bach had a growing reputation as a great performer, and it was his great technical skill that landed him the position of organist at the New Church in Arnstadt.

He was responsible for providing music for religious services and special events as well as giving music instruction.

While he only officially received a few weeks' leave from the church, he traveled to Lübeck to hear famed organist Dietrich Buxtehude and extended his stay without informing anyone back in Arnstadt.

In 1707, Bach was glad to leave Arnstadt for an organist position at the Church of St. This move, however, did not turn out as well as he had planned.He also composed the cantata "Herz und Mund und Tat," or Heart and Mouth and Deed.One section of this cantata, called "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" in English, is especially famous.His pastor believed that church music needed to be simple.One of Bach's most famous works from this time is the cantata "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit," also known as "Actus Tragicus."After a year in Mühlhausen, Bach won the post of organist at the court of the Duke Wilhelm Ernst in Weimar.Bach's musical style clashed with the church's pastor.


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