Dating antique winchester cartridge boxes

The side labels are both complete and legible, with only minor wear along the opened seams.

Vintage empty factory 50 round cardboard box for a .44 AMP Auto Mag, 240 gr. Box shows light scuffing all around, colors are bright, no tears in cardboard, has original cardboard liner, flaps are secure.

One small tape mark on upper right front to hold on price tag. lot of (2) shotshell boxes including (1) ELEY and (1) ICIL. Both boxes have nice graphics and are clean and tight. Loaded by: SELBY SMELTING & LEAD CO., SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. This is a fairly rare box, pretty square, shows good subject matter and better the average color.

The cartridges have obviously been in the box for many, many years, evidenced by the amount of lint, dust and animal hair I found packed in between the cartridges as I was checking through them.

Apparently, a previous long-ago owner - perhaps the original owner - found himself with a full box of .38 WCF cartridges, but the box was destroyed and he transferred them to this box as a handy replacement. The box was opened by carefully cutting through the exterior wrapper along all four sides, in the seam between the lid and bottom of the box.

This lot also includes another double sided Brenneke slug sheet that shows other slugs (not included).

MODEL 1873 WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS COMPANY .44-40 AND .38-40 CALIBER CENTER FIRE CARTRIDGES FULL BOX AND SEVERAL OPEN BOXES - VERY NICE EARLY PRODUCTION CARTRIDGE AND RIFLE PICTURE LABELED BOXES FOR THE WINCHESTER RIFLE MODEL 1873: Manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co., these complete boxes bear the very collectable Cartridge Picture green label, which features an image of the cartridge with the legend .44 WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 superimposed on the cartridge and the Model 1873 Carbine pictured on the side wrapper label. Good kiln gun shell boxes are harder to find than the actual shells. WINCHESTER GUN CLUB SUPER FERRO TARGET LOAD AND WINCHESTER GUN CLUB LOADS SHOTGUN SHELL BOXES, 12GA, EMPTY-NO SHELLS, COLLECTIBLE. The other box was: Made Exclusively for WINCHESTER Public Shooting Centers. Here is an unusual representative example to add to your collection. Scarce early Winchester .22 short cartridge box.100 rds. Label says: WESTERN KILN GUN SHELLS WITH LEAD SLUG FOR BREAKING KILN RINGS. Not "mint", but a decent example that displays well. Held 33 Winchester Center Fire Cartridges, 200 Grain, Lubaloy, Soft Point Bullet with the famous Bullseye Target Box. I haven’t checked into selling local on a different type of website. Large label w writing stuck on center of the tiger box and price tag upper right corner of elephant box. Dirt edge and seam suits small tears and some nicks and chew marks on some edge spots. empty UMC 33 caliber .33 WINCHESTER, LUBALOY, CENTER FIRE, cartridge box. (4) cartridges have Western head stamp, (14) cartridges have W. 16 gauge XPERT, SMOKELESS POWDER, NON-CORROSIVE PRIMING, shot shell box. Unfortunately these boxes do you have the ammo in them but I can’t sell the ammo on e Bay so this is just for the boxes.2-piece, empty Remington 12 gauge NITRO CLUB, WETPROOF, GROUSE LOAD, shot shell box. End label with Grouse has left side chipping as well as the other end with the gun is chipped. Box is shrink wrapped.empty Browning 12 gauge 50 POWER, 2 3/4 INCH, shot shell box. Includes (1) Hawthorne 22 Long Box by Montgomery Ward Co.


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