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He spouts the details of the company’s history in a fury as we survey each addition to the growing office.“And there’s another one over here where, again, we just kicked out a neighbor and took over another space,” he continues.

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Line up and attach your printed image on your cutting mat.

Make sure to add in the scoring stylus to the holder.

There is even a free honeymoon as the grand prize, so follow along all month because you won’t want to miss it!

There’s no denying that Jamie Heywood is a busy man, and it shows in his demeanor as he hustles about the Boston building that is home to Patients Like Me.

Now we want to make it easy to fold the flap, so click ‘Insert Shape’ on the left bar and pick ‘Score Line’.

Rotate the score line to be horizontal (holding down shift while you rotate ensures a flat line), then enlarge using the corner arrows to make it more than 7 inches long.

There are thousands of dollars in prizes this month, but this week you can grab this amazing wedding crafting bundle full of everything you can need to get your craft on!

“Wedding Crafting Bundle” Giveaway Prize: pairs perfectly with the Cricut “Print and Cut” feature and the Cricut “Snap Mat” feature for i Os.

Then click ‘Save as a Cut Image’ to save, then insert onto the workspace.

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