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partly because of him and partly because she just got out of a bad relationship. there's something symmetrical about Mel B going for a Beverly Hills Cop.

Both women have experienced tremendous success in the entertainment industry. Cardi B received two Grammy nominations for her song "Bodak Yellow" and Zendaya starred in the award-winning film .

Eddie has since forged a strong bond with his daughter and Mel insists the pair have made amends.

'We go over there as a family, we have dinners together, everything is fine … He’s a great guy,' Mel B said of her ex in a past interview with The Guardian Weekend.

That's why Zendaya said it can be "helpful" to date someone who is in the same industry."There's just certain things in our lives that's hard for people to understand if they don't live it. My best friend is from Oakland, and she's hood as f-ck. "It's part of who I am, as it is part of my family."In fact, Zendaya said she's "proud" and "lucky" to have been born and raised in Oakland.

Like if I have to explain what a call time is or why I have to start glam early. I'm on camera, I'm shooting, I'm working, I can't have my phone," she said. "My aunties held Black Panther party meetings in the downstairs basement of our house that I grew up in," she said.

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Mel B is either smitten or paying homage to baby daddy Eddie Murphy, because she's dating the guy he played in one of his iconic movies ... Sources in the know tell us she's been seeing a guy on the Beverly Hills PD for a few months. splitting with husband Stephen only months before she started dating the officer. She started dating him immediately and it took only a matter of weeks before he was staying at her home 5 - 6 nights a week. TMZ broke the story, Mel B has a restraining order against Belafonte, and one of her concerns is that she says he has a gun he's not allowed to possess because of a prior crime. He has also accompanied her to a number of social engagements.

Mel and Eddie, who welcomed daughter Angel in April 2007 following a brief fling in 2006, had a famously fraught relationship.

Father-of-six Murphy publicly dumped Mel on Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard in December 2006 when he announced: 'I don't know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test.' Weeks after splitting from Mel, who was five months pregnant at the time, Murphy went public with new girlfriend Tracey Edmonds, who claimed they had been dating since October.

Their highly-publicised split ended with Murphy being ordered to pay £35,000 a month until Angel reaches 18 - a total of about £7million.

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