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John's publishing accomplishments include the first explicit procedure for ASTM C-114 Qualification of Cement by XRF, and, "…

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He has been working in the field of XRF for over 30 years.

He began his career as a Field Service Engineer with Philips Electronic Instruments in 1976 servicing and installing XRF and XRD instruments.

Building marketing and business ties with OEMs and 3rd party developers. Timothy Fawcett Denver X-ray Conference Organizing Committee, Chairman Thornton, PA Tim received his B. in Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts and a Ph. degree in Inorganic Chemistry at Rutgers University.

He worked at the Dow Chemical Company from 1979-2001 and then was Executive Director of the ICDD until his retirement in 2017.

Madison, Wisconsin The owner of Anzelmo and Associates, Inc., a firm providing Analytical X-ray and sample preparation consultation as well as marketing and business consultation to high tech firms, John is currently the Technical Program Director for the ICDD XRF clinics.

John has 41 years of experience in the fields of X-ray Fluorescence/X-ray Diffraction Analyses as Applications Scientist, Laboratory Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager and President for Applied Research Laboratories, Bruker AXS, and Claisse USA.

At Rutgers he combined X-ray crystallography with various spectroscopy techniques to study amino acids, chromophores of metalloproteins, and cupruretic agents for Wilson's disease.

He was hired into the X-ray diffraction laboratory of the Analytical Sciences Department of the Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI.

Tom has 180 publications including 4 book chapters, 46 U. He has also received the honor of being named an ICDD Distinguished Fellow. in 1982 using neutron diffraction to do structural studies on magnetic intermetallics and their hydrides. Crowder joined the Dow Chemical Company in 1982 and has been active in the field of X-ray diffraction since that time.

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