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If you’re in a relationship with an INTJ, you can take comfort in knowing that they probably thought very long and hard about the relationship before pursuing it; and once they have decided on a partner, they are unlikely to have a change of mind.INTJs are very deep, thoughtful individuals and they look for the same in a partner.

Thanks to books like Please Understand Me, Just Your Type, and endless other resources I’ve been able to access some really awesome information on types and compatibility.

I’ll put some resources and references at the end of this post for anyone interested. INTJs are true perfectionists, and so they take their relationships very seriously.

They usually make very good listeners, and can encourage other types to pursue their dreams and visions.

What INTJs Look For in a Relationship INTJs usually have thought carefully about what they want in a relationship.

In another post, I’ll get into more details about a sensor/intuitive relationship.

INTJs are very honest and direct, and they want a partner who is showing them their true self.

A relationship with an INTJ is bound be intellectually stimulating, exciting, and intense.

INTJs have a natural self-confidence and depth that many people find attractive and intriguing.

They want someone that they can discuss possibilities, theories, and meanings with.

They enjoy someone who is imaginative and passionate.

Like all NT types, INTJs long to get to the very core truth of something; and this is no different in their relationships.


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