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The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Stratford, Connecticut.

It was established by Igor Sikorsky in 1925 and was among the first companies to manufacture helicopters for civilian and military use.

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Metron Aviation Developing air traffic flow management solutions for the global aviation industry, this Airbus subsidiary delivers increased capacity, enhanced safety, optimized efficiency, and greater predictability and sustainability.

NAVBLUE NAVBLUE is the new generation of digital, user-friendly flight operations and air traffic management solutions.

The plant is assembling the S-70i for international customers.

In 2011, Sikorsky laid off 400 workers at the Hawk Works plant, and later in 2012 the remaining 570 workers and closed all Sikorsky facilities in Chemung County; moving the military completion work to their West Palm Beach, Florida facility.

Wichita State University Innovation Campus Airbus became a resident of the Wichita State University Innovation Campus with the opening of its Airbus Americas Engineering Center at the location in April 2017.

Through this relationship, Airbus is partnering with Wichita State University within the university’s Applied Learning Model, which engages students in real-world engineering projects, helps develop critical skills that are needed for engineering now and in the future, and helps produce graduates with experience, while also boosting Airbus’ competitiveness.

He took this opportunity to begin work on developing a practical helicopter. government after-market support for parts and repair for the Sikorsky product lines. The product lines of the two firms are complementary, and have little overlap, as Sikorsky primarily concentrates on medium and large helicopters, while Schweizer produces small helicopters, UAVs, gliders, and light planes.

After first flying the VS-300 he developed the Sikorsky R-4, the first stable, single-rotor, fully controllable helicopter to enter large full-scale production in 1942, upon which the majority of subsequent helicopters were based (though Sikorsky did not invent the helicopter itself). The Schweizer deal was signed on August 26, 2004, exactly one week after the death of Paul Schweizer, the company's founder and majority owner.

Previously owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), in November 2015 Sikorsky was sold to Lockheed Martin.


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