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She arrived (which is a good start), I bought her a glass of wine and myself a pint of bitter. So off to the loo she popped……and she never came back! She replied back, apologetically and stated that she did not know I was deaf and it felt wrong to date a ‘vulnerable adult’!!

We sat down and started talking, firstly about the dating website and how we found it. Thinking back quickly through the conversation, could my job have put her off or did I inadvertently call her fat (she wasn’t)? Needless to say, I was somewhat offended and blocked her. This time, I shall tell them I am deaf before we meet. I got some views, people started messaging me and I hit it off with a few women….fantastic! ‘Just so you aware, I am deaf, but don’t worry, I can still talk and communicate with you’.

Some fall for beauty , but the good things about falling in love with someone unconditionally irrespective of disabilities is worth applauding.

I don't find any reason to call someone CRAZY just for thinking about falling in love with any girl who is deaf and mute . Imaginations , Thinking , fantasies have just no boundary ....Some dream about becoming a professional cricket player,some think about new inventions , then some do fantasize about afterlife .......One is completely free to think what he like and what he wants to think .....No reason why not, just never met someone who interested me or was interested in me.But then, I don’t really socialise in deaf circles.Click below to let us know you read this article, and wiki How will donate to World Possible on your behalf.


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