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Kathy Connell was the second actress who played the role from August 15, 2000 to June 7, 2002.

Judi Evans, who previously played Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis took over the role and is the most notable actress to play the role.

Zack's death and the revelation of Chelsea as the SUV driver drive a wedge between Bo and Hope – as well as the rest of the Brady family for most of 2006.

Evan played Bonnie from September 1, 2003 to March 1, 2007. Bonnie is known for making her daughter, Mimi Lockhart's life miserable.

When Rex Brady wanted to ask her for permission to marry Mimi, she said no, because Rex isn't rich.

This backfired however, when Angela dove in front of Brandon.

Before her death, Angela finally made her father give Brandon and Sami the tape.

Angela Moroni is the daughter of Vincent Moroni, an Italian mob boss.

She was introduced during Brandon and Sami's quest to get the tape back with Kate forcing Roberto to confess to the murder of Franco Kelly.She attempts to wreck Maggie Horton's life in revenge for Maggie, as she sees it, stealing Mickey from her.Following a botched wedding to Victor Kiriakis, she is ultimately unmasked by Adrienne's brother Steve, who realizes who she is.Upon meeting Brandon and Sami, he was immediately suspicious of them.After Kate told Vincent about the tape (containing Kate telling Roberto to confess to the murder of Franco Kelly) he took it from Angela.Bonnie diverts Brady Black, escaping and intending to seek Mimi's help.

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