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The tweak would add an additional billion into a patient stabilization fund to help cover costs for a narrow band of consumers who: (a) have costly pre-existing conditions, (b) live in states that would seek and obtain a "community rating" waiver, and (c) have not obtained and maintained coverage prior to a new law going into effect.

All others would be far less affected by the bill's provision allowing for optional state-by-state flexibility on certain mandates.

Those two defections -- from a former chairman of a relevant committee, and a generally pro-leadership rank-and-file member, respectively -- indicated that the prospects for passage were dimming.

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A Washington Post analysis shows 20 House Republicans either opposed to or leaning against the bill, and 29 more either undecided or unclear in their positions.

If no Democrats support the bill, the Republicans can lose no more than 22 GOP votes to pass it in the House.

Elsewhere, the Left is arguing against the AHCA in full throat.

Here's one of President Obama's most infamous spinmeisters, who bragged about misleading journalists and the public while creating an "echo chamber" in support of the previous administration's policies, complaining that Paul Ryan is "lying" to the American people.

Stay tuned for a big Thursday on Capitol Hill: Yesterday, we mentioned the "no" stance adopted by Rep.

Fred Upton as a potentially ominous sign for the chances of House Republicans managing to pass the American Health Care Act, which would repeal and replace much of Obamacare. Billy Long from Missouri, whose daughter has been battling cancer, coming out against the existing bill.It would thus move us closer to a system in which people would be able to buy renewable catastrophic coverage, and without subjecting such policies to disadvantages compared with other types of insurance...[Republicans] are going to continue to face conflicting pressures from different groups of voters for years to come.They need to find a way to pull the health-care system back from the centralizing path on which Obamacare put it.Despite its bad misfires on key Obamacare projections, the CBO isn't getting a crack at scoring this bill before the planned vote -- a precedent that I don't like.But after herding cats for weeks, GOP leadership has apparently decided to strike while the iron is hot and the votes are allegedly in place.), according to the It remained unclear Wednesday morning whether the Upton amendment would buy enough votes for the American Health Care Act, as the Republican proposal is called.

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