Dating winchester by serial number

When updgraded to M2 configuration the M1 was stamped to read M11 and a B suffix added to the serial number, but sometimes they were upgraded without changing the markings. S./ SPRINGFIELD/ ARMORY/ MODEL OF 1922/ [serial number]. Remington made numerous changes to speed manufacture and by early 1942 the rifle was called the U. When the rear sight was moved from the area in front of the receiver to the rear receiver bridge the rifles designation was changed from Model 1903 Modified to Model 1903A3.

A- The original Model 1922- used a longer magazine which sat lower in the receiver, and the non- adjustable headspace on the bolt was set at the Armory. Serial numbers started at 1 and went to about 2020, made 1922-1924. b- Model 1922M1- a modification of the M1922 which retains the non-adjustable headspace feature but has single striker firing pin. The production of the 1903A3 was phased in between December 1942 and January 1943, and about 700,000 were made when production ceased in early 1944.

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Have them checked by a competent gunsmith prior to firing. Even the Lyman 48 rear sight retains most of its blue finish. A large part of their collection was donated to the Virginia War Memorial Museum in Richmond, VA, and many other items donated to the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans, LA.

We assume no liability for accidents or injuries resulting from firing or any other use of any firearm we sell. The only issue is that the M2 bolt has the serial number 2743B electric penciled on the bottom, so it has been switched at some point. This item has the Hart Collection inventory tag attached, and has a certificate of provenance and a copy of Howards fascinating autobiography, signed by Jean Hart. Howard Hart, and this outstanding collection adds to its desirability for your collection and for future owners and helps preserve the legacy of Mr.

Because of the need for rifles Smith Corona, one of the largest typewriter makers in the U. also received a contract to make the M1903A3, and produced about 250,000.

The first rifles were produced in late 1942 and production was continued till early 1944. The rifle has the correct Parkerized grayish-green finish seen on many Smith Corona rifles.

Ithaca delivered the fewest martial shotguns of any WW2 maker because the Ordnance Department ordered them to drop the shotgun production in order to step up delivery of M1911A1 pistols. Large numbers of personnel in support roles (cooks, clerks, truck drivers, etc.) had been given the U. Model 1911 pistol during World War I, and most had difficulty obtaining any competence with it. Winchester won the design competition, but could not meet the anticipated production schedule of several million carbines, so nine other manufactures were recruited.

In any case, even if restored, it is probably as close as any of us will ever get to owning a totally original WW2 Ithaca 37 trench gun. CARBINE M1 MANUFACTURED BY ROCKOLA SERIAL NUMBER 1705436. None had prior experience with firearms manufacturing, but most had experience with precision machining of metal.

After World War II many M1917's were sold to civilians by the Government, and became the basis for custom magnum actions. Eddystone made the most with about 1.6 million rifles completed by the November 1918. This rifle was made in 1918, at the Remington factory.

The original blued finish is about 95% with some dulling from age, but little evidence of wear. The stock is correct Remington with the `R` marking on the end. WW2 ITHACA MODEL 37 TRENCH GUN RLB MARKED- RESTORATION PROJECT - Serial number 61558 12 GA.

After the war most of the Model 1917's were arsenal reworked and put into storage.

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