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You might perceive your boss as being intimidated by you, but it might just be your perceptions of how leaders of different genders are supposed to act.

It is very easy to jump to conclusions about a behavior you see in others.

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Start by taking threats seriously no matter how ridiculous they seem.

If a co-worker says she will kill you tomorrow, take the threat and intimidation at face value.

If your boss seems intimidated by you, your appearance, or your performance, you might think the position should be filled by somebody else.

But letting that opinion show could be detrimental to your career -- not your boss's.

It’s common for victims of intimidation to believe they might be overreacting.

Compounding the problem is the fact that superiors and supervisors are often the people who are guilty of the intimidation.

Keep a record of what your accuser is claiming and when she does it.

Keep close track of your work performance and reviews, too.

Many victims question if they could possibly be in the right and their bosses in the wrong.


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