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Journalists are subject to the same laws as everyone else when it comes to respecting privacy. New Jersey recognizes the four types of invasion of privacy recognized by most states: intrusion upon seclusion, publication of private facts, false light, and appropriation.

Though you won’t need to memorize anything in our classes, we don’t shy away from teaching difficult photography concepts.

We want to make it easy for our students but our students are massively smart and serious about learning.

In 2012, the National Ski Areas Association named Camelback's Explorer Card as the best program in America for converting first-timers into lifelong snow sports enthusiasts.

of the video violated a protected interest in keeping information private.

One-on-one attention that produces fast, fun results and focuses on what you want to learn.

From learning the basics, parks, bumps and steeps, you'll learn from the best in the business.If you're a beginner skier or snowboarder and want to learn right, Camelback Mountain in PA offers the Explorer Card.This learn to ski or snowboard program is designed specifically for the true beginner who wants to become a dedicated skier or snowboarder and plans to visit Camelback at least three days during the winter season.The art of photography is not in those camera buttons and dials; the art of photography is in the composition, the colors, the facial expression, and the moments in time.Students of our classes are people who value thorough and accurate explanations of how things work without those explanations being overly and unnecessarily complex.The last three torts are generally more applicable to posting and distributing video online (see below), whereas intrusion upon seclusion is more applicable to video capture.

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