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She reported this problem to another technician earlier today. You need to ensure that the Web Form does not update if the user has not entered data in all of the fields. protected void Form View1_Item Updated(object sender, Form View Updated Event Args e) C. Item Updating Dim entry As Dictionary Entry For Each entry In e. You should run the Add-Mailbox Permission-Identity Paul Hanks-User Thomas Knepper-Access Rights External Account cmdlet D.

That technician made a change to her TCP/IP configuration. protected void Form View1_Item Updating(object sender, Form View Update Event Args e) D. You should run the Add-Mailbox Permissions -Identity Paul Hanks- User Thomas Knepper-Access Rights Full Access cmdlet Answer: D Q: 14 Written company policy has recently been changed and now states that the contents of the Subject line should no longer be recorded in message tracking logs.

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Several weeks later, you increase security by configuring the VPN server to support only certificate­based L2TP VPNs. Keep In Edit Mode = True Return End If Next entry End Sub Answer: C 9. You write the following code segment to create a Sql Command object. These are: the amount of storage groups, the total physical memory, the operating system version, the amount of processors as well as the amount of mailbox databases. Generate the report you need by running the Health Check scan in the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer C. You are responsible for managing the Exchange network for

The user reports that she is unable to establish a connection to the VPN server. You need to display the number of customers in the Customers table. Generate the report you need by running the Get-Exchange Server | Format-List cmdlet D. The Research and Development department is located at a remote site.

The user reports that he cannot configure Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) for a new dial­up connection. You are responsible for managing the Exchange network for Thomas Knepper is promoted as the assistant of Paul Hanks.

In the past, he enabled ICF on other dial­up connections that he created. You have received instruction from the Manager to ensure that Thomas Knepper will be capable of viewing the folders and subfolders in the mailbox of Paul Hanks.

The user is attempting to connect to Server7 by using its name. Which of the following statements is not true about this tool? Setup /M: Recover Server extracts server configuration information from the Configuration node of Active Directory and applies it to your Exchange servers B.

You are able to use your Windows XP Professional client computer to connect to Server7 by IP address, but not by name. Server7 runs file­sharing software so that client computers can connect to it. For Setup /M: Recover Server to recover a server, you need to build the server with the same server name as the server you are recovering. To run Setup /M: Recover Server, you need to have the Exchange Server 2007 server installation files. Setup /M: Recover Server can rebuild the following server roles: CAS, Edge Transport, and Mailbox.

You are a desktop support technician for your company. Then set the condition to “when the Subject field contains Sales Rule”.

A user reports that his Windows XP Professional client computer cannot connect to a file server named Server7. Then set the action to “silently drop the message”. First locate the message ID of the original message on Server01. Answer: A Q: 3 Setup /M: Recover Server is a great tool to rebuild your Exchange servers.

You are also able to ping FS01 by using its IP address from the user’s computer. The network consists of an Active Directory domain. The computer’s IP configuration is shown in the exhibit. However the e-mail never reached the intended recipient. You should run the Get-Queue – Filter {status – eq “retry” cmdlet. Property values that are not expressed as an integer must be enclosed in quotation marks.

However, the user’s computer will not connect to FS01 by name. Configure the user’s computer to use the correct IP addresses of the DNS servers on the network. Edit the Hosts file on the user’s computer and remove the entry for FS01. Configure the user’s computer to use the correct IP address of the default gateway for its local subnet. Use the route command to add a static route from the subnet that contains the user’s computer to the subnet that contains FS01. You are a desktop support technician for your company. A customer reports that she cannot view a Web site after making changes to Microsoft Internet Explorer. A user reports that his Windows XP Professional portable computer cannot connect to any network resources and cannot authenticate to the domain. (Click the Exhibit button.) You verify that the computer is physically connected to the network and that it can ping its loopback address and its own IP address. Configure the user’s computer to obtain DNS server addresses automatically. Instruct the user to run the ipconfig /renew command from a command prompt window. Ask an administrator to authorize the DHCP server in Active Directory. You are a desktop support technician for your 70-271 dumps company. You need to determine whether the e-mail did indeed leave the Exchange organization. You can retry all the queues on the default server that have a status of retry by entering the following command Click here to input the answer.

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