Accomodating blindness in restaurants

In December 1994 the Office of Disability Employment Policy’s Job Accommodation Network () reported that 68% of job accommodations made cost less than 0, and further, that employers report that for every dollar spent on accommodations, the company received in benefits.Accommodations, which are modifications or alterations, often make it possible for a qualified person with a disability to do the same job as everyone else but in a slightly different way.

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Offered below are examples of accommodations that have been made for qualified workers with disabilities.

These are samples only and are not necessarily the only possible solutions to the problems.

For example, employees are provided with desks, chairs, phones, and computers.

An employee who is blind or who has a visual impairment might need a computer which operates by voice command or has a screen that enlarges print. This legal term is defined in the as an action requiring significant difficulty or expense for the business/employer, considering the following factors: the nature and cost of the proposed accommodation, the overall financial resources of the business and the effect of the accommodation upon expenses and resources, and the impact of the accommodation upon the operation of the facility. A workplace accommodation may be requested by an employee with a disability at any time during employment.

An employee should try the product or piece of equipment prior to purchase.

Step 4: Check results by: monitoring the accommodation to see if the adaptation enables the employee to complete the necessary work task(s); and periodically evaluating the accommodation(s) to ensure effectiveness.An employer should analyze the job tasks, basic qualifications needed to do those tasks, and the kinds of adjustments that can be made to ensure that performance standards will be met.The way the worker does the job is far less important than the outcome.Some accommodations are simple adaptations; others require technically sophisticated equipment.The essential functions of the job and the functional limitations of the individual are what the employer and the employee want to match up.After initiating the workplace accommodation process, the individual and the employer should discuss the request.

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