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Really getting down and determining what our own deal breakers are, what are our boundaries and then making a decision to stay and work things out or move on. Should your h not respect your boundaries and recognize your deal breakers in your relationship and either agree or not and then you have the decision to make.

The reality is, once the affair comes to light and most questions have been answered, the playing field is then a little more level.

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The BS gets to decide what their deal breakers are.

Because certainly if your spouse having sex with someone else and having an affair and financial infidelity, has not been a deal breaker what are your deal breakers? I like that you pressed the issue not for your self but for his own self knowledge.

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Your h should be very grateful you were willing to help him this way and cut him some slack.

It also speaks of the great respect you must have for him. I know I have for myself really questioned, What Are My Deal Breakers?? This is where it takes a lot of self introspection and knowledge especially in the discovery days. I was so anxious to just get my life back I missed a lot of these steps. As I read on another great blog our lives can be “tentatively ever after” while figuring this out.

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