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If you get two different values, look your item up on a third guide.How you search for pricing information will depend on how much you know about your piece.

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You can review a wide selection of options in Free Online Antique Price Guides.

If you want a really accurate value for your piece, it's a good idea to look it up in more than one free price guide.

This is because the guides get their information from different sources, such as auction results or databases of insurance values.

If you get the same result from multiple sources, you can be confident that you have an accurate value.

Use the condition assessment you performed before your search to help place your item's value within this range.

If it will take significant work to restore your item to its original condition or if it will be impossible to fix the piece, your item probably falls toward the low end of the price spectrum.

Sites like and The Museum of Online Collectibles will bring up specific pricing information for your exact item.

If you don't know as much about your item, you'll have better luck "drilling down" through the categories on these sites.

For instance, an eight-inch sterling dinner fork is worth a lot more than a seven-inch sterling dinner fork. Condition is extremely important when assessing value, and it's one of the main pitfalls in using free antique price guides.

Although an appraisal service will gather this information for you, you'll need to do the legwork yourself when using free price guides. Look for anything that might be helpful in identifying it. Since you're doing the assessment yourself, you may miss small flaws that a professional appraiser would not.

The Internet is an excellent resource for pricing antiques without investing in printed guides or pricey services.


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