Datingwalk 2016

This would be a safe work scent or close quarters indoors or date night fragrance, but absolutely wouldn't work in outdoor, clubbing or nightlife situations.

datingwalk 2016-26

It starts with Thanksgiving and when you feel like you’ve somehow survived whichever holiday you celebrate in December (and your family/friends that come along with it), then comes that empty and scary, but also kind of cool-because-I’m-wiping-my-sh*tbat-crazyass-slate-clean, feeling that the New Year brings, and then…yup, Valentine’s Day. If you’ve gone through a breakup, are unhappy or just feel like you’re stuck in an emotional or physical rut, the holidays have a great way of unveiling and exploiting your true feelings about yourself and your pain to not just you, but mix in a few egg nogs or spiked hot chocolates, and everyone else knows too. So besides having each other, knowing that we aren’t alone and having this tribe of badassness to always take a break from the bs and turn to, what can you do to not just survive, but reclaim the joy, magic and wonder of the holidays when your heart is broken from a breakup and your self esteem is in the gutter?

I’ve personally done all kinds of crazy sh*t over the holidays. I totally understand the spiritual and emotional aspect of this time of year, but that still doesn’t justify why we let some time off work, a few twinkle lights, family time, decorations, music, the environment and most importantly, engage in the OCD, assumption-making-imagination-psychosis of obsessing about what our ex is up to, the fun he’s having, missing him, reaching out, responding, sending a card, calling his mother, texting him back, having a (or 52834675387) weak moments, etc.

I don't feel compelled to write too much about this one, as it would read very similar to the previous review. I find it to be a shameless rip off of Dior Homme Parfum as opposed to Fahrenheit Parfum (assuming the reviewer meant the Parfum, as there is no such thing as Fahrenheit EDP).

There is a very waxy iris note and some nondescript sweetness. If you're 25 and want to smell nice for clubbing, dating, walk in the park with your girlfriend, casual night out - this is your scent.

***EDIT*** The first full wearing went well...turns out longevity was very good.

Got a solid 8hrs of being able to smell it easily on my hand and about 10hrs total before it was just barely detectable.

Doesn't really remind me of original La Nuit much at all.(except for the slight powdery-ness) This one is much smoother and cut WAY back on the spiciness of the original La Nuit.

Also I swear, I'm smelling some amber or something that resembles it in the background as well. I'm normally not a fan of iris or powdery scents..the first impression I'm getting is a pretty positive one!

, feeling perpetually uncomfortable, question answering and going into emotional, physical (and possibly financial) tailspin, debt.

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