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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. ' The discovery of truth is of infinite importance to man: and so well do we know its consequences, that we take evny ponble precaution to avoid being led into error. It is in chains, in the course of bis trial, and on the cross: conjured by the high priest to tell whether he is Christ the Son of God, he answers in the affirmative; and, in proof of hb assertion, says that they shall see hun on the right hand of God. ff be ia an impostor, in vain has the blood 2, coat. We have "zeal" we own it; but wo disdain any disingenuous "artifices:" we are *Hinited-," wc glory in our union: union in faith; union in morals; union in our sacramenta; union in oui centre. Heaiken to the Lord himself: 'Amen, I at; unto you, tmless one be bom again of water and the Spirit, he shall not enter into the kingdom of God.' '^ The next unequivocal text is that of the Apocalypse: "Noth- ing defiled can enter Heaven." Here is a. If the infant, then, be defiled, the infant can- ^ not entur Heaven.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Hence are we more natnra Uy inclined to credit, what we know from onr certain knowledge, than what reaches us only through the testimony (^ olhets. Unity is one of the necessary attributes of Christ's reli- gion; but, Sir, you acknowledge that no unity exists among yotf. It is true the infant has ccanmitted no actual on: but he has sinned originally in Adam, and, in consequence of Adam's prevarication, is involved in his punishment. Or how can there be in them any cause for the Inrer, except in the sense we have just exp Iained P No ont it titan from dtfiitmtnt, not teen if hit life on earth be but ont day.

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dbv G00glf "Tha Litnrgy." Ori^^iul-Xollege Remloiaceiicea, Origmtl—. daily expenence, to be singularly deceptive: whence we find, that the opinions of jnankind are at . If reason cannot enable us to see things as they are in reality, in matters that fall within the limits of our senses, how shall we venture to take it as an infallible guide in subjects that are in their nature, far above human comprehension. Milton has observed of the Night, that it is '^The pleasant time, the cool, the silent." These men may, indeed, well bo expected to pay particular homage to night: since they are indebted to her, not only for cessation from pain, but increase of pleasure: not only for slum- her, but for knowle^e. ^uaeque eartni vtntit el ioldnu, osaa Qinrint (JVi/i M tidere! — Consequently, every doctrine which ia held by these primitive and mother churches, must be considered as the tmth."t He adds: '^uod apnd multoe nnum invenitur, non est erta Uim^ sed traditum.";^ In the same treatise he lays down this rule ^ainat all variations, and innovations in tlie ancient futh: ''Nobis verd nihil, ex nostro arbilrio, inducere licet; sed nee cligere, quod aliquis, de arbitrio siio, induxerit. com- mentatora on the Divine Scriptures, expounders of the Christian Faith, who, ever since the foundation of the Church c^ Ouist, have held no other doctrine; have received no other doctrine from their ancestors; have left no other doctrine to their descen- dants! Natu- rally thinking, this syatem, inatead of encouraging the commis- sion of sin, should inspire us with a hc Htor for the smallest Tomnl defect. 189 eternity produces a Son Cox substantial to liiimelf, and from eternity aaya to him: "Thou art my Son. £H4y, ii ID one moment, if ne may speak of a moment in God, that he ever is.

The ideas upon which alone they can be founded, aie transmitted to the mind through the medium of the senses: through a medium, which is proved by. Nor have the poets been always deficient in her praises. cinere* ituitlil virior, et urhem £ft4M Mfuutfe eerbtrabit imgula. Tbere is no moon — the Tyber's mudi^y waves Roll darkly; on its melancholy banks. Tertoltian, after having mentioned sevend christian obserrai^ cee relative to Baptism, and the Euch Euiat, adds: *'If jaa ttk wpaa what law of Sc^pture these, and other rites, are founded, jaa vill discover none: but T^adiiion shai) be allied tbe sutbor; eialom, the confinncr, and faitk, the observer," Harvm, tt ali- (trtim i JMetp Knarut Ti, n legem expoilvlaa Seripturantm, nu Bam moenie*: sed traditio t Un praetend^ur auctrix; cowsdktudo, ccmlinnatrix; et fidbs, obiervalrix.* In his celebrated work de Pr«»mption Una, he says: "I esta- blish this prescription, tliat, what the Apostles praacbed, name- ly, what Christ revealed to them, ia not to be proved other- wise than by the churches, which they founded by preaching, both, mva voce, as it is called, and (afterwards) by their Epistles. But you, modem Jews, and disciple* "Ol \i^i rift (i Xiifl^ i^E (Mwnpi'ofi pii Xflv Ti "how many writers in both languages he would mention! f "Consuetudo ilia ab Apostolorum Traditione ezordium sumpsis Be credenda est, sicut sunt multa qus universa tenet Ccclcsis, et ob hoc, ab Apostolia precepla bene crcdunlur, quanqu^ scripta non reperia- tnus."— ftiy:6. The doctrine of Purgatory, far frcnn being on entouragemenl to sin, is calculated to produce the very contrary effect: for, we believe that so heinous is sin in the sight of God, that it ie not the easy matter to get rid of it which the "Proteat- ant" represents it to be — that it muat be atoned for: and that even venial transgressions entail on the soul a punishment which must be undergone either in this world or in the nest. Faber, than the Prelate, against whoso first work THE HETROFOLITAN.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. It ia diegusting, provdiii^, nau- seating, to perceive, after dl we can lay, and write, the repetition of the aame caluraniei, and the same inconaistonue B. "Peter, on whom the Church was built by the Lord, speak- ing as the organ of all, and answeriag in the name of the Church, ■ays: Lord, to whom sha H we go? "Baptism is one, and the Holy Qhoal one, and the Church one, founded upon Fbter by our Lord, having its origin uid system established in unity."* IV. Prtmatoa Parao datur, ut una Cbristi Eccleaia et cathedra una monatr^ur."— De unitat Eccl. "God has intru Bled hia will, as a depoail to the haads of men.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. We state, to-day, that Catholics are not required to believe the infallibility of the Pope, and to-morrow some polemical scribblerwill daring- ly auert that they are. that he was engaged in controversy with Popes Cor- nelius and Stephen. Teter, upon wbom our Lord built his Church, did not insolently attribute any thing to himself."* y. * "Loquitur illic Fetrua super quem nem instituit et ostendit potestatem illun dedit Qt id solvoretur in cfclis quod i Ue solrisset in terris." — Epist. * "Ecdeaia Catholica et mater et origo et radix — ipsa prima et mia super PETav M Domini voce foundata," &c. ' "Qui Eccleai B reuititi U' at rematit, qui cathedram Petri auper Q, DEM fundata eat Ecclesia, deserit, in Eccleaift ae ease ccmfidi L"'— De unit. ' "Petrus cui ores snaa Dominus paacendaa tnendaa que comntut- dat, aaper Quem poauit et fimdavit Eccleaiam."— De virginitale. He has instituted an ordiuar; ministry in his Church: ihte insti-.

Were it in the power of man to acquire a P^li BPt knowledge of the nature of diii^^ and attain a clear perception of the truth, reason could not then possibly lead him into error; but such a our ignorance, and such the limited powers of our understanding, that our judgments are generally uncertain, and frequendy erro- neous. Fontenelle has not failed (o celebrate her praises; and to chide the san for biding from his view, the worlds which he imagines to appear in every constella- tion. Gpod Hushed is the tumult of the buay day, And silence nts upon the hills of Rome! — Think how dreadful it i B-^That a Roman Bishop, the representative of the Pope at the court of France, should have been requested b; a French bishop to consecrate himi — And should have consented to »■ iwsitoiium dives, fdenissim^ in earn contulerint omnia qute sunt veiitatis; uti omnis, quicumque velit, sumat ex ea poturo vits, M af^vehendat veritatis Traditionem. if ic Xelnrdie% IB which the Apostles t&ught, and leun bam them what ia cer- tain and incoatestable on that nibject."— Such wu the anthoi^ of Tnditio B in the second ceatiu7, IN THE THIBS CBNTU&T. _ ,-e, was ilbitbei cert^n, nor universal: and in this he was mistaken^ Thus, Tradition prevailed against all the arguments of the Ai Hcan Bishop. "We de- monstrate that our doctrine," he says, "has been handed down from Fathers to Fatliers. Paul, "let a man prove himself and thns let him eat of the bread and drink of the chalice: for he that eatetfa or drinketh unworthily, eatcth and drinketh judgment to himseif."* "An encouragement to sin, by the payment fbr masses to be perfmmed after death, fcc." Here is another atro- cious calumny.

Hb judgmenla originate, therefore, in hia ideas; and the truth or falsehood of the former, are consequently dependant i^n the conectnesg, or incorrectness, of the latter. Peter in the see of Antioch, sppears to be disputed: the more probable bpinioo 1 have fol- lowed; I (bund it on the authority of Origen (Horn. The astronomers, indeed, expect her with impatience, and fe- licitate themselves upon her arrival. The dark monotony of night is broken— The mighty bridge still strides, as when first placed, In days gone by, acrow the tp Mibled watet* And near it rise^ Hke a denser cloud. The bones it covered, thine proud Adrian, Have long since crumbled into traceless dust. i'^ And though the weight of this vast sepulchre Frest on thine uhes, sad dieplafed thy pride, Thon art no more: and o'er Oa/ notbingnesa This ruin of a monunun J is tottering! it is horrible to wonder round Tbie Holitajy waste, wtiile ail is dark. Sunk is the majesty of pagan Rome, Her Gods in pieces, and their fanes in ruins: I trampde oow upon the head of one. of the du Talioua and enlightened aoo Bf^ France, a Clo Ti B,a Charlemagne, a Godfrey de Bouilloa, a t/mis IX.? One of the most tunuaing pieces of fo Uy that has been exhibit- ed in this city for some time past, is the affected panic of the Werals at this usurpation of the Pope. Et ai de aliqua modica qusstiime disceptatio esset, ntmne oporteret in antiquis- aimas recuirere Ecclcsias, in quibus Aposloli conversati sunt, et ab eis de prssenti quffistione sumere, quod ceitum, et re liqui- *Ati\i K, i! Athana«ua continually referred the Ariang to the Tradition of the Church, always respected, and always followed. "That the bare reception of the sacrament, independent of the state of the receiver ia effectual to salvation." Wo reject this doctrine with horrors we say with St.Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. When an Irenens, a Cyprian, an Origen, a Chrysoetom, and all their contempective churches are divine, is the following: '^M&TTRE TSUST, AND DELSOATION, OV ALL PASTORAL FOWBB, IS TESTES EXCLCBITELT, IN THE HANn S OF THE GENERAL BOOT OF THE FAITHFUL." *'lf," they say, "if the authority of the pasto- ral ministry of the Protestmut churches be neither founded upon any extraordinary commission of the first reformers, nor upon any commission, perpetuated by the Albigenscs, &c. or pre- served by the pastors of an invisible church: if it be neither t^ tached to the episct^ial character, nor to episcopal ordination, nor to episcopal succession: if it be not con£ded to the guardian- sbip of the civil magistrate; then, of course, since it is the most essential of all the objects in religion, being that which gives efiect to all its various functions, and must consequentiy, exist fomewhore," so as there is no other medium, it can only exist in the "custody of the people." The "pec^le," theref'Ut quondam fertur Cret& Lobyrin UKia in altl L Pirie Cibua textam cbc Ii itefi ai Kiiiitemque Mille viia habuisse do Luin, quo dgoa sequendi Fa Jleret indepren Bue ot siuto B." He alleg M two principal camei, wh; "Paperj induces soper- I.We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Waj B of Rome, On the extension of the imagination, Onfiitnrity, ..... The first '^ariees from erroneons ideas of God'a maimer of effecting his will." On this subject the writer has the merit of reasoning most unintelligibly: and cotutqtienllt/ of connncing the ignwant "If men believed that God effected hia will by a vic«-gerent on earth, it fo Uowt, (it does kot follow,) that the reverence which nature prompts towards the primary wonld be bestowed upon the secondary agent." I remarked by way a an article of faith, that the P(^ ia jnfalltble. "Peter, on whom the Church was to be built, teaching in the name of the Church," Stc' IH. * "Ad Petri cathedram atque ad Bcdenam principalem unde unitaa sacerdotalis ezorta est, &«.— ferri — ."—Epist. * "Ego dico tibi quia hi a P^nu, &e.— ^t item etdem post re- ■arrectionem suam didt; pctct oaa mtai, super illom onnm adi&cat Eccleuam soam, et illi pascendai mandat oves luas, Stc. juiiizodbv Google Sudi is the nstars of this sy Btonif u expluii Ml by ita nitl Kna, and mc Mt able advocates: by a Baxter, a Cutwright, a Joriedt ft Claude, Glc. We shall add another definition, aa given bf the last named writer: the moat eloquent, certainlj', if tx M tits ino Gt acute, of ita Bupportera.Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. God is tnith itself^ and as such we ate bound to believe whatever he asserts. ■ KX^ijf Jv Sxru ruv 'T*ofuru O'euv frapa T^iin-ai rr,v Wftflwi' eui S^if Uif Tufi T Ss tur C^ xai i Upa To Xirtis ^»iff«»woj itifiari Hwriae, xai tfuirafai ipaifit I*" autjit 'Pwjiwje' ffi]futfvei» n fwrt airit t)}iis of temples, and swelled tbe catalogue of ialse gods; it wis a dangerous sod illrtimed doctrine, to pteach that he was e^ial to God; that he was the Son of Ood; that eter- nal life co Dflisted in the knowledge of himself and of his Fathsf^ to command his followers to lay down their lives, sooner than deny tiint, 8tc^ and to confirm this doctrine by silencing the winds- that enhaided at his nod; by calming the sttmny seas; changing die nature of the element^ restoring sight to the blind; the use c^ their litnbs to the lame; ibcckig death to sutrender his spoils; and all nattire to acknowledge his power and empire. Paul, who affirms, "that he thought it no usurpation to make himself equal to God! 19 Common sense often BUf^ea the roam of mrtqdi^cal de- f DOHStratio Ds. The Catholics of that vicinity cannot enter their new and neatly finished church, «itb- out pouring forth their gratitude to Goc I in raising up for them so great a benefactor as David Wilkinson, Esq. For we make no "encroachraenla;" we are not of those who propagate their creed by violence; our creed is not one that coul/l be thus propagated: calm, dispassionate, solid arguments; 18301 THE METKOPOLITAN. Baul, *Sannot live unless we Iveatbe, to the BOul cannot subnst, onlesa she knows her Creator, sinc« the igntmnce of God is the death of tbe son L Without baptism the soul shall not have light The Jew is compelled to circum- cision by menaces, since every one that shall not be ciicumcised.It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. He is omnipotent, and all hia attributes are fax above the comprehension of our finite minds- We roust therefore believe whatever he has dtme, however in- comprehensible to us, the actkni may appear. Shall a Paul and Baraabas tear their gatmenls in being taken for some- thing more than mortal men; and shall Jesus Chii EA, if he be not 6od, in a calm, de Uberate manner, rob the creator of all things, c^ his glcny and the wcwship due to him, in a JSnning that hin Holf and the God of heaven aie one; in applauding the faith of the apostle who said that he was Ihe Son ^ the living Ood: and in not checking the discqtle who after thrusting his hand into his side, exdairaed, "my Lord, and mj Qoi V It is not only in the time of his liberty, when he visits the citie* of Israel, healing their sick, raising their dead, feeding moltit^de• with a few loaves, and rdnsing the temporal severeignty which the peofde offined him, that he attributes to himself the preroga- tives of the divinity. Had he used any mental resenations on this occasion, by saying one thing and meaning another; by expressing outwardly, "I am the Son of God," and restraining in his mind the sense of the wwds, to the quality of a messenger; be would not have answer- ed according to the pontifi''s meaning, who knew bat too well the difference between a messenger, such as sny prophet may be, and a son, who must be of the same nature with his father. And common Bense will inform yon, tbat Jenn Chnst is either the greatest impostor that ever appeued, or tl Mt he ia literally wh«t he declu^a himself to be, God and Man, for wbom the martyra snffered, whom the Christian B adore, ajid to mbom all kneea bm to bend one day. of Pawtucket, a dis- tinguished member of the Ej Hscopal church. 153 - charitable, meek, persuasive ej Epostulation; — these are our arms. on the eighth day shall be exterminated trmn the people: do yoa seek to delay the circumcision not made by hands which is per- fftcted by baptism?Jtmu Chrut yetlerdpy, and to-dayi and he it Ike tame/or «eer. Onr pvlpits, Sir, n^Ao vrith » denial of this op- MS THB HBTROPOUTAK. It is the aisi and office of the prieet to ^'in- dnce" (you seemed partial to the word, Sir,) a filial fesr c€ God, originatiiig not so much in ths dread of punidmieiit B aa in 4 pro- per concqition rf the mhyeaty, goodness and mercy of him who is oflfeoded. The &ct recorded in this text, is highly worthy of attention, both inasnoch as it exhibits the wondeis, whereby the divine, origin of Christianity was confirmed, and as it offers an early ex- ' ample at the administration of one of the Christian sacraments.


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