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In other words, how useful a person can be to him is the measure of their worth.

He chooses friends, and his partner based on how well they can help him be noticed or help him become known.

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He/she feels they are unique and special, while the majority of others are common and ordinary.

Knowing this, a Narcissist only associates with others of high status or intellect, for they feel ONLY these people can possibly understand them. Meaning, a Narcissist evaluates whether he wants to develop a relationship with someone on the basis of their utility.

In other words, a Narcissist does not choose his companions based on how much he loves and cares about them. In reality, a Narcissist chooses to develop relationships with only those who are perceived by others to be superior, attractive, or unique in some way.

By associating with others who attract attention, he ensures that he will never be deficient in NS.

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After the relationship ends with a narcissist, there are two very important subjects that come Read More Narcissist Rarely Provide Closure Which Leads To Obsessing Thinking..Narcissists do not enter or stay in relationships for love. I believe they become involved in relationships in order to ensure their needs are met.It’s really that simple…nothing more, but certainly nothing less.I have seen many other posts from victims on this topic, and I have to ask why this happens?Is there something about the ‘new source’ that makes them more prone to such a drastic step in the Narcissists mind? First, Narcissists always have motives – plain and simple..As an ex source, I admit this places additional self-blame and condemnation into my mind. When a Narcissist rushes into a relationship, and marries quickly, you can be rest assured there is SOMETHING in it for THEM!


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