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Military people already are saying the next invasion is going to be against the people if the country. Satisfying a chick is hard work and takes a lot of energy! Women are such whores who spread their legs for anyone and anything.

This is not tin-foil hat shit, this is what you will eventually see. I don't own a gun, never needed a reason to (most of the time), but if I did, I DEFINATELY would not want to loose that right in the face of our oppressive friendly neighborhood government that has a excessively strong compulsion to maintain law and order no mater what the cost. I've lost weight because I've been fucking so much. One other tip: I don't have any male friends or best friends anymore.

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So, ladies please mount you sex toys and get ready for the game of your life!

”It takes you a moment before the information sinks in…

The two other girls who cannot control themselves will get shot to death right here, right now. But to make it more interesting in order to fire a shot they will have to fuck one of those 20 ladies.

Each member of the squad may only shoot within 10 seconds after shooting his load into the girl in front of him.

Women in/with Chains, Chainmail, Metal Collars, Knives, Swords, Guns... its a group about lady's killing or being killed, in fantasy only.

Don't simply copy and past the same pictures and stuff that I see plastered across dozens of groups. this is a group very similar to my removles and gunlady-uk groups.Unfortunately for them two of them won’t see the end of the evening. Once the game starts, the ladies will place their little naughty sex toys in their pussies. We can adjust the vibration level and therefore the amount of stimulation.The rules are simple: The girl who avoids an orgasm the longest wins the game. Breasts, Tits, Melons, Balloons, Blouse Muffins, Droopy Snoopies Hooters, Ta-Tas, Baps, Jugs, The Puppies, Tig Ol Bitties, Knockers, Fun Bags, Wangers, Cans, Bean Bags, Teddy Pops, Fun Bubbles, Dirty Pillows, Big Gumbas, Milk Cans, Sweater Puppies, Boobs, Boobies, Headlights, Bazookers, Globes, Fuck Bubbles, Milk Crates, Chesticles, Money Bags, Bouncing Castles, Cock Pillows, Mammaries, Mommy Bags, Juggernauts, Door Knockers, Creampuffs, Bosoms, Guns, Fun Pillows, Bicuts, The Girls, Milk Jugs, Button Busters, Naughty Pillows, Nipple Cushions Hey! , Cock Warmers, Swollen Mosquito Bites, Bazooms, Lady Lumps, Personal Pillows, Bazoonkas, Shoulder Boulders, Sweater Meat, Milk Pillows, Breasticles, Feeders, Saggy Maggies, Puppies, Titays, Love Bubbles, Bouncing Bettys, Fun Cushions, Mud Flaps, Nip Nips, Eyes, Orbitals, Couple Of Bald Headed Gentlemen Trapped In A Top, Areola Over Ride, Air Bags, Upper Deckers, Floppy Jollopy, Blousemuffins, Pointer Sisters, Life Preserverswhatever the fuck ya call them!and also the most beautiful creature of them all, the lovely ladys who know how to handle guns.think this is a group for you?The guards hand you some sexy black stockings and order you to strip and only wear those stockings.

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