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These insights into ABC provide facilitators, school counselors, teachers, and administrators valuable information on the constructs through which participant growth occurs and recommendations for planning and facilitating such programming. This qualitative case study examined the unique perspective for building a leader-member relationship between the principal and school counselor.Specifically, the case study examined the experiences of the working relationship of a principal and school counselor in a rural Midwestern elementary school.

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Each student was interviewed about his experience in the group to assess the impact of the strategies and techniques used.

We also analyzed the specific content of each module for main themes.

Implications for the preparation of students to engage in school-family collaboration are discussed. This paper includes a review of literature related to this phenomenon and offers evidence-informed recommendations taken from the literature for professional school counselors to utilize to improve academic engagement of Black students. The content of the group focused on five areas: social connections and support, exploring gender roles, navigating identities, school engagement, and future planning.

These recommendations include: facilitating difficult dialogues on race, using a Student Success Skills program, and entering into school-family-community partnerships. We worked closely with teachers, school staff, and counselors to foster a supportive and positive school climate (Beesley, 2004).

Researchers explored the attitudes and concerns of professional school counselors in their roles in working with juvenile sex offenders (JSOs) who attend school. Supporting every child: School counselors’ perceptions of juvenile sex offenders in schools. Retrieved from of Article Theory and Research Volume 14, Number 2: Eating Issues and Body Image in Elementary School: Detection and Prevention Strategies for School Counselors Sarah I. Eating issues and body image in elementary school: Detection and prevention strategies for school counselors. Retrieved from of Article Innovative Methods Volume 14, Number 3: Professional Capacity Building for School Counselors Through School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) Implementation Jennifer Betters-Bubon, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Peg Donohue, Central Connecticut State University Abstract The implementation of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (SWPBIS) has been shown to reduce behavioral incidents and lead to more positive school climates.

Little empirical data exist regarding school counselors’ roles in effectively engaging and supporting JSOs toward school success. Springer, Temple University, and Dana Heller Levitt, Montclair State University Abstract Body image disturbance continues to be recognized in increasingly younger populations. Despite the growing popularity in schools, there lacks clear understanding of the school counselor role in this approach.

Smith, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Julia A. Steele, Western Michigan University Abstract Jamaican immigrant students are highly represented in U. public schools, primarily in regions concentrated throughout the east coast.

Many of these students and their families have personal and social concerns that have implications for school counselors.

School professionals should be familiar with NSSI, how to identify NSSI behaviors in students, and proper protocols for working with students who exhibit signs of NSSI. The students were asked to imagine themselves in four different peer situations in which they were included, rejected, or ignored and indicate how they would respond. The researchers used focus groups over a two-year period to better comprehend students their experiences of growth.

Developmental differences and implications of the findings for counselors are discussed. Several themes emerged: defining personal growth, wellness, and clinical growth as a professional school counselor.

Strengths and weaknesses of the group were also assessed at post-test.


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