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Gavin King (@Gavin King13) "Moaning Lisa" is a very deep episode, emotionally deeper than any other cartoon would go.

The quirky jokes and relatable problems help remind me of how good cartoons used to be, and that is why I praise this episode.

"There are no good wars, with the following exceptions: the American Revolution, World War II, and the Star Wars Trilogy" (Bart Simpson).

Bryce Seifert (@bryceseifert) In the season one finale, Homer is treating Marge to an extravagant night out while Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are left in the hands of what turns out to be the infamous Babysitter Bandit. Karl prepares a speech for Homer, but it fails due to Homer's lack of hair. Burns does not fire him, though, and demotes him to his old job.

In its first season the show was still, like Maggie in this episode, learning to walk. Plenty of throwaway gags just don't land, and the Homer and Marge plot feels superfluous and lazy compared to the hilarious, fast-paced antics between the kids and their babysitter-turned-robber. Everything is going right for Homer as he has a better relationship with Marge, and Mr. Smithers is jealous, and finds out about the fake insurance claim. Ricky Marin (@cartidge101) It's Halloween night in Springfield, and Bart is giving a story.

This is a work in progress — and because it's a community effort, we expect a few missing episodes here or there (we'll be going to back to fill in the gaps later). Fire" features Homer's lies of omission, Bart's rebellions, and Lisa's precocious intelligence.

The family's working class status is truly defined when Homer loses his Mall Santa earnings on a racetrack greyhound named Santa's Little Helper.

Albert Brooks, in his second guest appearance, is hilarious as a French bowling master-cum-casanova, improvising most of his lines in a masterful performance. Cory Anotado (@pacdude) Never forget: Homer Simpson is not a bad man.

It ends with Marge choosing Homer over Jacques, and a memorable Officer and a Gentleman parody that I remember seeing and not getting the reference as a child. He is stupid, short-sighted, dense, and sometimes inconsiderate. Homer's Night Out is one of those classic examples of this.

Despite Homer's hedonism, he knows that the right thing to do is to smooth things over with his wife and set the best example for his kids.


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