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None of these differences matter in the world of gaming, and frankly, I hope others come to realize this as well so that gaming can truly advance and become better than ever.Thanks for reading Matt PS, I’d like to thank Ryan at Gamers Therapy for writing the article which served as the inspiration for this one; you can check out his article on gaming equality and censorship here.

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In film, most movies feature men as the lead, with females usually taking the supporting roles. The list goes on and on, but the list of games where there’s a female lead is a bit smaller. The main character in Bayonetta is wearing a skintight suit, and of course, has big boobs and a butt.

At that, many movies feature the cliche “damsel in distress,” but the industry is starting to move away from this, it seems. Most video games are centered around male characters, and most times, females just have supporting roles. Samus from Metroid is no better when she loses her suit, and although Di Di in is just a little girl, her co-protagonist (Dawn) has long, slender legs that aren’t proportional to the rest of her body.

I loved seeing that these were strong women; as tough as their male counterparts.

Each one had a personality; some were gruff, some were dainty, some were rebellious, some were shy, but could still kick serious butt at the end of the day.

They didn’t lose feminism to gain legitimate heroism.

These crafty Fire Emblem developers found a great way to make women abundant in the story while making them smart and brave, yet also keeping them feminine enough while not sexualizing them.In lots of games, they’re scantily clad, (mainly RPGs where their armor makes no sense whatsoever) or overall, not very important. You could chalk this up to the art style, so maybe it’s acceptable and not sexualized.Yes, many high-profile games recently have included females as important characters, such as I can name plenty of games where females have important supporting roles. This leaves us with Chell from , and only the recent version of Lara Croft as the 2 non-sexualized female leads in games that I can think of. Why can’t we have more female leads who are realistic? Women aren’t inferior; in fact, I love playing games where women star because it reinforces the belief that women can do anything a guy can.In any case, the way she is portrayed in is a bit more fragile than in previous installments, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. This is just one example of women being treated as fragile and breakable. Where are the violent games where women actually get hurt? I’m not calling for a revolution of games where women get mauled and torn to shreds by zombies, aliens, or worse.The thing is, it’s almost as though we’re not allowed to see women get hurt. I’m simply saying that there have to be games where stuff like this happens, for the sake of equality. After all, isn’t that what games are going for now? When Lara gets hurt, which is often, it hurts to watch.Taking as an example again, I loved watching Lara become stronger and triumph over her foes, who were all male, might I add.


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