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Download PDF Download EPUB Download MOBI Download AZW3 Spunky Italian coed Ivy Rossini likes to talk and push the boundaries.

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Being the only girl who cares to see beyond Ian’s bad boy reputation has its advantages, especially when he’s scaring off the jerks who just want to nail the campus sex-guru.

It’s when he’s “protecting” her from the advances she welcomes that she wants to lob him over the head and tell him to butt out.

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Matt, one of the four residents of 236, looked up at me from his perch on the shabby couch with glassy eyes.

First time girl-on-girl experimentation, sweaty sleepover secrets, naughty camp stories, illicit touches in the showers—”“And while Ian wipes the drool from his chin,” I grinned at his scoffing noise, “we’ll take our first caller of the night.

For a lot of people, getting your book printed sounds like a terrifyingly complicated process.

However, when Ian begins hinting at wanting to take things to the next level, she’s forced to decide if a chance at something more is worth risking everything they’ve built.

With their friendship and her heart hanging in the balance, can Ivy follow the advice she and Ian give their listeners — to communicate, be honest, and trust in themselves — or will insecurity, stubbornness, and pride ruin any chance of their relationship getting off the ground?

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