Configuration manager endpoint protection not updating definitions how accurate are dating scans at 7 weeks

On how to extend the HW inventory , Marius Sandbu has written an excellent acticle about that here : Keep in mind that your Master VM is a fully configured and running VM. It reports SID unchanged, HWID unchanged, SMBIOS changed (it is still reading the SMBIOS value from the ‘master’ device in the SMSCFG. Client IDManager Startup reports: Detected hardware identity change, generating new certificates. The ccmexec service restart is expected even on non-VDI systems if any of the policy configuration require service to be restarted. In the SCCM console the record is recreated and as a result we loose the software metering information / direct collection memberships.

If server finds a match for this GUID in system_disc with exact AD machine account, the GUID and resource ID assigned will be same.

If server finds a match based on AD machine SID in SID0, server will assign the GUID associated with the AD machine account and resource ID assigned will be the record that is the AD machine account.

A Client generates a new SMS GUID if the following things change When VM is provisioned for the first time, the client will create a new GUID to register with server.

If this client was discovered earlier by AD system discovery it can merge based on machine SID if previous history is present in SCCM site server DB.

See official info here : following properties are available.

Property names are those used in the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider: The properties Broker Site Name, Desktop Catalog Name, Desktop Group Name, and Host Identifier are determined when the desktop registers with the controller, so they are null for a desktop that has not fully registered.

If you tried installing the SCCM client on a PVS image, you will notice that SCCM shows new machines with the same name every time a PVS target device reboots in standard mode.

This is because the SCCM client changes the GUID when an image is pushed to new hardware.

From the logs the client starts with GUID:78F1CF6F-814B-4E44-A2AE-729FB2C4F725 for reregistration that was established earlier and if cert changes it will associate the new cert with the GUID in re-registration.

For any identity changes, client will retain the same GUID and same resource ID.

We had tried this in Config Mgr 2007 out of the box without great succes resulting in a blog post :”Config Mgr on xendesktop with the usage of provisioning server : Unique GUID issue and the smscfg.ini” Citrix Provisioning Services allows for multiple servers to stream their boot disk from the same master image (v Disk).


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