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While not specifically formatted the reader can enlarge and copy the photographs as jpgs for offline comparison, or comparison with imagery of other helmets.

The majority of the photographs can be enlarged without any loss of resolution by double clicking.

As a result individuals seeking to acquire the genuine article are constantly searching for any and all information on the subject, in order that they stand at least a reasonable chance of obtaining same, in any case usually still at a substantial investment, thus doubling the importance.

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Arming both new, as well as seasoned, collectors with the information which can have a net positive effect.

This article will first present two examples of reproductions, and a third which is a probable post-WWII modification of an original helmet by the Australian Military Forces.

The German raids caused widespread damage to industrial and residential premises and resulted in over 900 deaths and more than 2000 casualties.

The RUC, Local Defence Volunteers and many civilians joined in the rescue work.

While all three are currently sold as reproductions, the extent of antiquing implemented on the second example could, in the author’s opinion, be very easily used to deceive in the future, although not directly stated or inferred by the seller.

After viewing the photographs below I'll let the reader be the judge.

In at least the past decade or two collectors of World War II British Airborne helmets have had the same fate befall them as did collectors of German Fallschirmjäger helmets much earlier.

Reproductions of varying quality have increasing appeared on the market.

A lucrative black market developed and smugglers used guns to defend themselves from capture.

An Irish Republican Army (IRA) wartime campaign included bank raids and sporadic attacks on policemen and barracks.

The publishers other extremely worthy efforts include a companion book on the Denison Smock and its successive evolution into the current issue, and a very recent publication devoted to British Airborne Insignia from inception to date.

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