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As before, members were invited to vote for the winner by tagging images in the contest gallery as favorites.

Without further ado, the winner is: Autumn Goodbye to Summer This...

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The full gallery of images may be seen by clicking the link above.

Between now and February 10th ( PST), please view all of the images in the gallery and place your votes for the ones you’d like to win by...

To change the render mode back to standard 3D Vision...

3DVision Live’s first-ever short-form 3D video contest received 14 entries that showed a great deal of diversity, ranging from video game captures to commercial-style clips to raw captures of pets or people doing cool things (such as bashing each other with swords).

The submission period for the Fall Photo Contest is now closed, and we are happy to report we’ve received nearly 100 images from our members for consideration.

And, once again, we’re opening the judging process to our community as well to help us determine the winners.And the result is that lung cancer is often detected too late, leading to a dismal 17 percent survival rate, according to Xin Zhong, co-founder and CEO of 12 Sigma.“Almost every single lung cancer started as a small nodule,” said Zhong.Lung cancer has long been one of the most difficult forms of the disease to diagnose.Episode 3 of our “I Am AI” docuseries introduces 12 Sigma Technologies, a San Diego-based startup that’s applying GPU-infused AI and deep learning to change that.During judging we laughed, we cried (okay, maybe not), and we simply scratched our heads….

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