Skype names to call for naked chat

it obviously a scam, BUT cant comment much more WHY?????????

They are scammers but even if you did follow-through with getting solar through them, how do you think the customer service would be?

I was in front of someone only about 10 days ago in Goodna who had had exactly the same call.

Call them and pass Solar Rebates as special Govt pensioner discounts. Then tell them there was no storm last night so then can simply go and... Being imbeciles from the lowest caste of crooks, they would never have heard of DOS and they will try to get you to navigate to via the start button. You will waste a lot of their time and hopefully money.

The Solar rebate calls seem to be hotting up again :( Sorry the humor helps my frustration. I am on the 'do not call' register but that does not seem to matter.

Along with its unique services it also provides video conferencing, instant messaging and files transfer.

Because of its exclusive services this site has become very famous in a short span of time and has a large number of users across the globe.All our connected users are really online now, and they are waiting for new contacts.You stay anonymous and your Skype name is never revealed until you accept request from other members. They proceed by saying my name and address and asking if i am on a pension or working, i hang up every time that they ring and i never gave them the information that they asked for.I am wondering if anyone else have been getting these phone calls and is it a scam, i think that it is but would like someone else to give me their view on this.You can call your friends, family or loved ones living in other countries at any time at the landline telephones or at their mobile phones.

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