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Who are bm trying to fool when the make these muh dik comments, lol? Tell me, genius, since bm are so heavily sought after by ww, than why is it that every time I see a ww with a bm, she is unattractive and stupid?

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No white man, even the lowest, would give her the time of day.2. Damaged goods (before and CERTAINLY after) this issue is really not a priority compared to the bigger things that are happening in the world..

If the obese ww hog laid down with a black man there are several truths at play:1. Nobody but some other nighur is interested in a coal-burner.

The customer service is so bad, not even looking at some porn will cheer me up. A, since the site became pretty popular, it has grown several different trolls.

Spammer trolls - Those who write long ass spam or answers to annoy the community and make people scroll down alot. Attitude trolls - I got to admit i do this sometimes, but anyways these are people who don't even bother reading the additional details and put stuff like "idk" or "i'm not sure about your question but .

The ones that look halfway decent and carry themselves in a respectable manner.

In a country where white males marry trees and buys mail order brides they will take anything money will buy.

Too bad so many people in this world of ours think that feminism is synonymous with evil, man-hating and every other ridiculous title under the sun. If you’re hot and sexy you are automatically not a feminist and love love love love men!

With this confusion about feminism comes plenty of winners who decide to take to the internet to ask some thoughtful (i.e. Get a look at the ridiculousness with these 12 out of control Yahoo Answers questions about feminism.

So it is understandable why White boys would feel this way. By the way this wasn't a poll but a comments based link, lol. White boys are terrified of the fact that a big Black man strange his Anaconda in a Woman.

Also, leroy, I hate to break it to you but their is really no difference in the size of white and black penis. judging by the amount of posters in this thread, no one cares...

A shameful site when it comes to Q&A and costumer service, I don't even know why it's the "2nd most visited".


  1. Furthermore, you can even select the country that you want to find people in which makes it simple for you to pinpoint a type of stranger that you're looking to chat with.

  2. This means you can send and receive messages, Chat, Instant Message, Blog, and Post in our wild but friendly international and Odessa dating Forums without any costs ever.

  3. K-ent has been having too much fun with big star dating news this past week, time to share the buzz with China and it’s a doozy at that.

  4. After the program is downloaded, you choose a profile name, upload a photo of yourself and answer a couple of questions. As a GPS location-based service app, Grindr will locate other users in your area, as your next date may be standing only a few feet away from you.

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  6. We also propose a query processing method on Social Grid Index (SGI).

  7. Similarly, surgical removal of the lens immediately and permanently alters the refractive state of the eye. Thus, when one applies a risk-benefit ratio with such a high degree of success, surgery is usually the mutually agreed on course. Newer emulsification techniques, such as phaco chop [29] and high vacuum, have also been shown to greatly reduce ultrasound times, providing further protection to the cornea ( Box 42-5 ). In most cases, the goal of this type of lens surgery is the same as that for eyes without a compromised zonule: to remove the contents of the capsular bag though a CCC and replace the contents with a foldable IOL. These incisions may be used to prevent overcorrection, as their effect is weaker than that of corneal relaxing incisions. In much the same way, when Intacs are placed within the stromal layers of the cornea, they shorten the arc length across the optical zone.[1] Intacs are available in the United States in three different thicknesses—0.25, 0.30, and 0.35?

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