Statistics on online dating marriages

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It wasn't until the unemployment rate went down that the increasing divorce rate trend continued.

Unemployment was at its highest in 1933, and as the unemployment rate declined throughout the late 30s, the divorce rate increased.

This may perhaps mean that, in the future, the number of divorces occurring each year will decline even further.

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Are you dreaming of dating in California or romance in New York?While the trend thus far in history had been for the divorce rate to increase, this isn't quite the case with the 30s.Due to the depression in the 30s, many couples stayed together because they couldn't afford the aftermath of divorce.Prior to 1867, divorce statistics were not recorded.While there certainly was a stigma attached to divorcing a spouse in the 1800s, divorce still happened on occasion.The 40s saw a distinctive spike in divorce rates right after World War II.

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