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you’ve peed on me, pooped on me, and vomited on me (though not always necessarily in that order). you’ve coerced me into watching cartoons and animated movies over and over and over again… you’ve made me stop whatever I’m doing so that i can go catch the lizard you just spotted’ve yelled at me to stop the car to chase the deer or squirrels that you spotted.

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Around Father’s Day, Jared wrote a letter to our children.

It’s one of the most beautiful and special letters I have read, so I just had to share.

Padalecki's reps declined to confirm Internet reports of a late-winter wedding date.

Jensen Ackles, who plays Padalecki's onscreen older brother Dean Winchester, got engaged in fall 2009 to Danneel Harris. Are you heartbroken, happy for Jared and Genevieve, annoyed that evil Ruby is getting lucky with Sam all over again, or maybe just some combination of all of the above?

After a short engagement, 1 month, Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese got married on February 27th, 2010.

The wedding took place in Sun Valley, Idaho where she grew up.costar Genevieve Cortese in her hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho on Saturday (February 27).Jared’s best man was his real-life older brother Jeffrey Padalecki and one of his groomsmen was his on-screen brother Jensen Ackles."Now I'm 12 years older, I'm a father of two now, about to be a father of three in March."NEWS: Jared Padalecki Drops Big Hints on 'Gilmore Girls' Revival -- It Was Nice to Have 'Closure'Cortese was in the audience, and adorably beamed as her husband spilled the big called falling for the 35-year-old actress in real life "special and unexpected.""The story I tell my friends is that she wouldn't leave me alone," Padalecki joked to Ripa.“No, I do not have a tanning bed in my house,” Jared confirms. I look like I haven’t been outside in thirty years…


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