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Bitte nehmen sie mich in Betracht Viele Grüße , Youssef Tarrab Lieber Youssef, vielen Dank fuer deine Nachricht.

Wir werden deinen Leserbrief sowohl an BMW in Muenchen als auch an die anderen deutschen Autohersteller in Deutschland weiterleiten.

Anyway, after I received the new car I discovered a very interesting fact about the engine.

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I would highly appreciate your feedback on the above Mr. Upon your intervention, I received a phone call less than 24 hours later from Mr. Mr Fahmy asked me to re-tell the incident with all the details, and acknowledged that this was an unacceptable way.

He offered to do anything in my convenience and asked me to meet him at the earliest opportunity to see how to start the purchase of the Mercedes C-Class AMG I want to buy.

He also told us to forget about buying the C-class or wait for not less than a year and see how it goes!!!

I contacted the two show rooms - in downtown and in Katameya and I received the same response every time.

I contacted Volvo Middle east last week for an explanation but till now I did not receive a reply.

Also as per my review of various international Volvo websites I found that this engine is not available in other markets (they are using the older T3 engine with a compression ratio of 10.5:1), so why use this engine specifically for Egypt?

I hope that Mercedes Benz Egypt will stick to it promises and not postpone the delivery date.

Again I would like to thank you for your prompt response and assistance, and I will update with any positive (or negative) developments in my case. Elbassyouni, I am glad to hear that our intervention led to some positive developments in your case.

Thank you Regards Mahmoud Elbassyouni I am writing to you because of a gearbox failure issue with my Opel Astra J HB 2011, It all started suddenly couple of weeks ago that I noticed that gearbox was skipping shifts while driving, I had a doubt that it might be a serious issue once I noticed and I booked to check matter at Opel authorized service center (Al Mansour Automotive).

When I got there and had my car checked, I was told that the whole gearbox needs to be replaced and that would cost me around EGP 130k, and that I would bear the entire cost alone, and when I asked to fix it using the Goodwill policy Knowing that my current car milage is only 72000 Kilometer and I do my car services on time at authorized service centers, the natural reply I got was a refusal as if it is normal for gearboxes to fail especially at a low mileage.

Back when I was deciding about buying a new car, I was considering that it should be reliable with durable parts to buy me some peace of mind, that was the main reason I bought a German car in the first place, Now, My car is broken and it is left parked at home and I have to use car rentals now for my commute till I get this gearbox issue sorted out with Al Mansour Auto. Lotfy Mansour at the top management of Al Mansour Opel in Egypt, and I can imagine that he and his team will be able to find a satisfying solution for you.

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