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What are the pros and cons of each type of drinking water?

A lot of health advocates prefer bottled water over tap water because they are safer, free from most impurities, and have more beneficial mineral content.

With the addition of alkaline water besides mineral, filtered, purified, and distilled water, choosing which one is best for you family can be confusing when you get to the water section of the shop.

The key word when it comes to alkaline water is ionization, because it is the artificial process used by the alkaline water ionizer to subject the distilled water to electrolysis (purified water cannot be used because it lacks the needed amount of calcium and magnesium ions).

The name alkaline water might be confusing for some, however, because natural alkaline water is not made using the ionization process.

Mineralized water should be the named used for most of the mineral water you see in stores in Singapore because they get all their mineral properties through artificial means, unlike the natural mineral water that was not made through human intervention.

Mineral water comes from wells and springs, and can be meteorological, juvenile or fossil in origin.

Regular drinking water is first boiled to remove the contaminants such as metals and inorganic minerals, but some contaminants have higher boiling points than water, so it requires a different tactic to remove the other impurities.

The water distillation turns that water into steam, which is captured and cooled to create distilled water.

The minerals from natural spring water come from the rocks the soil that water comes into contact with.

With the processes involved in cleaning water for human consumption to free it from contaminants, most of the minerals in regular drinking water are lost.

Water that has a low p H is considered acidic, while alkaline water from Singapore with a high p H (higher than the average 7 p H) is called alkaline.


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