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In January, ran an article which suggested that Facebook could drive focused online dating sites out of business.The author, Belinda Luscombe, wrote that Facebook eliminates the blind date aspect inherent in most designated online dating services because Facebook users' networks tend to be made up of friends and friends' friends, that is, people they know or may already know.Just create a fantastic and genuine profile introduction that stands out from the crowd and add your most flattering photograph.

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According to Lab 42's survey of 500 social networking users over the age of 18, flirtation (and breaking up) happens frequently through our screens.

Lab 42, a market research firm, found that Facebook can bring about both the beginning and end of a relationship.

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and e Harmony have dominated the online matchmaking business for years, and OKCupid has quickly risen to rival their superiority. Of course, there are many more sites out there, but these three represent a good range of the options you'll encounter.

The sheer number of people participating in online dating today certainly increases your chances of meeting someone special, but deciding where to look also presents a challenge.

The practice has become ubiquitous enough among young people that the Boston Public Health Commission even organized a class aimed at discouraging adolescents from breaking up over Facebook, email and text. Facebook was also seen to be the most popular way to contact prospective dates.

Twenty-four percent of respondents said they would get in touch on Facebook.

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