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Some might even say that infidelity is a more than anything else.A person can feel like they’ve been deeply betrayed, even if their partner hasn’t had sex with or even kissed somebody else.Joel had revealed the unfortunate incident to The Mirror prior to his arrival in the jungle - before later discussing with his fellow camp mates on the show how 'easy' it to find photos of his genitalia on the web.

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Well so long as my partner didn’t let the guy put his penis inside of her, I feel like I can totally still trust her.

There is the type of physical contact you’d like to have.

The comedian, 30, uploaded the witty but well-written message to his Facebook page on Friday, in a bid to help others who have suffered the same humiliation.

The note begins from the perspective of his manhood, stating: 'Recently, after being a relative recluse for Joel’s entire life (with the exception of the odd drunken public appearance), after a stupid error on Joel’s part there are now pictures of me, ’Joel’s part’ on the internet.'Going on to explain how the situation occurred, the letter continues: 'Joel was Catfished a long time ago by somebody pretending to be someone else on the internet and was lured into Skype sex.' However he then reveals that the session had been 'entirely fake' and has now come back to 'bite' him, after the cruel troll released the footage on the Internet.

After all, they did get someone to sleep with them when that person likely knew they were in a relationship—so cheaters clearly have a way with words.

But all the manipulation of language cannot make the person who was cheated on feel any less terrible once the act is over.When you’re drunk, you don’t have your usual faculties that stop you from doing stupid things and people can see what you’d really do if you felt uninhibited. Sometimes people point to sexual neglect within their relationship as an excuse for cheating.But being unsatisfied in a relationship doesn’t give you an excuse to cheat. Once you’re over that line, the person you cheated on really doesn’t care how far you crossed it.You’ve had email sex, text sex, Facebook messenger sex, Skype sex…just about every type of cyber sex possible.Just because you didn’t have skin-to-skin contact doesn’t mean your partner won’t feel betrayed. But you do share with him very personal information about yourself and your relationship.Maybe you and your partner have a deal where if you ever run into this celebrity, or are under certain circumstances (on international ground, etc…) you’re allowed to cheat.

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