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Occasionally I would use something that vibrated to tease my cage and work myself right up.

Then I would orgasm and feel shitty with post orgasm depression, which is something I do not miss at all.

then i would get a shimmer at the tip, which I would usually just wipe with my finger and lick off. I have also experienced pleasure mixed with incredible emotions and feelings that are so much more intense that squirting some Cum. Its the most exciting thing to know she is enjoying fantastic pleasure in and the ecstasy of an orgasm. If you are in a device, its best advised to sit to pee like a girl. The worst part is the underside of the ring when the skin can chaffe and rub. 🙂 In which case I like to humiliation of the noticeable bulge, making me more sissy than girly. This is a funny one though because when you first start out with chastity, you are convinced in your head that everyone can notice the bulge. I have heard its ok to ride a more touring bike, but on a sports bike, your nut sack is pressed into the tank and that means the cage had to go one side of it or the other.

I know that If Mistress is involved in my orgasm’s they will be the best I have ever had but, to me all an orgasm is, is shooting a load of cum with an intense feeling of pleasure. And as far as an intense feeling of pleasure is concerned. well you see, Governess Ely is kind enough to enjoy all my Orgasms for me so I dont have to. I sort of had to give up riding my motorbike really, but not entirely because of the cage.

Even without my cage I would still never touch myself as its not mine to touch. At this point you’ll likely never Cum again will you? Governess Ely controls my orgasms and I really don’t care whether I have another one again or not.

I’m pretty sure Governess Ely once said, “if you cant fuck, then you get fucked” lol.

In my everyday life I feel more confident in myself.

This is a quote by Governess Ely when twitter was discussing when I got to 300 days in chastity and without Orgasm. I often think some people call a milking different things. That doesn’t mean I need to message her every time I am just going “oh, I’m so freaking horny atm Mistress” Its a waste of her and my time. It makes me chuckle to myself when I see men standing at the urinals and I have to cue for the stalls just to wee. I also love times when in a Pub or something, and I am acting all manly, then I have to Que for the cubicle and have a sit down wee wee. I have no real issues with long time lock up and am very grateful for that. I don’t necessarily miss my bike as much either, because when on the bike, its obviously dangerous and I have a responsibility to look after Governess Ely’s property IE. If i were to crash and break a leg for example I would not be able to serve her and that would make me useless.

🙂 I have said many times in this blog how much I love and enjoy chastity that I thought it time to write why. Some people seem to think its where your Key holder just tosses you off for your orgasm, but I would call that a hand job. I think when people ask this they usually mean; does she let me out the cage and let me play with myself before locking me up again? but, this is where people are a little ignorant I feel because, believe me when I say, you don’t need to be out your cage to be teased. It would also mean I would have difficulty getting to my Mistress at all, and that’s not worth the risk.🙂 Its very easy to talk to a very pretty woman when I have spent a lot of time chatting to an even prettier/sexier/dominant woman. I have been asked this once or twice, and I really mean it when I say as long as I can. I get a stronger urge to be with and serve Governess Ely. The first time this happened was probably just after my first full month locked and I did the old classic of waking up with sticky PJ’s on.All in all, I genuinely prefer to be in chastity than not and hope Governess Ely wants to keep me locked up forever 😉 Q. Inevitably the decision of how long I stay locked is up to Governess Ely because I am her property and its her cock to lock. If there is a record among Governess Ely’s Domme friends then I would love to beat it just so she could say to them that she has. I think about her far more that I think about me having an orgasm. I realized what had happened and felt really guilty as technically cum had left my body. Governess Ely knows that I get horny and she enjoys that thought. If he had the correct ring and spacer combination, he would be fine. Even at the times I have been allowed out the cage for a few hours, I still always sit to pee as its more feminine. Until I am pleasantly reminded by an naughty erection or have to use the toilet. its not entirely the cage why I stopped, Its also the money side of it too. Sometimes I could hump the wall to get some relief but I enjoy that frustration. I have never had ‘blue balls.’ I personally think its a load of shit, created by someone in chastity who said he “had” to have release because of pain in is balls. The feelings of excitement I get, are better than any orgasm I have had previously. I like the fact that I have to sit, as it adds to my enjoyment of Feminisation. But with plenty of moisturizer daily, its absolutely fine and I really can go hours forgetting its even there. But, then you have to go outside and you realize, how often do you personally just stare at someone groin? I think it may be possible to ride with it on but I haven’t tried. Its not super uncomfortable but its not exactly cosey either. Chastity is a lot more about the mental control and submission than Physical prevention.

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