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This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Iran is confronted with increasing trend of divorce in recent decades.Considering the probable role of sexual dissatisfaction in the breakdown of marriages, the Ministry of Health recently decided to enrich the educational content of the premarital education programmes.

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Also remember that while first dates are simpler and more likely to be the traditional coffee or dinner date.

The more you get to know a person the more likely you will feel comfortable to do different and unusual things together.

The effectiveness of these programmes in increasing marital satisfaction has been proven in both developed countries [16] and in countries with a similar culture to Iran [17].

With respect to the increasing divorce rate in Iran and the probable role played by sexual dissatisfaction in the breakdown of marriages, the Ministry of Health recently aimed to improve the educational content of the premarital education programmes.

Considering the increasing rate of divorce in Iran, the premarital education programmes may not be successful in achieving their goals.

Revision of the premarital education programme is warranted.

There are a variety of motives behind marriage, among them being the need for friendship, social and emotional support, love, and sex [3].

Of course, it should be considered that in marriage, unlike in cohabitation, emotional satisfaction with sex is important due to the couples’ commitment toward each other [3].

These classes are held in compact sessions before marriage and the certificate for passing these classes is one of the legal requirements of marriage.

This educational programme has been running since 1993 [15].

In 2011, the rate of divorce in Iran was 2. people, which is even higher than the divorce rates in some western countries such as Ireland, Italy, and Spain.


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