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Don’t get me wrong, however: a block vote to the tune of 88% for handouts/socialism/racial set-asides is just as terrifying as 94%.While 43% of the white vote going for Obama is not a majority, it is a massive and indismissable chunk, representing roughly 37 million people.

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Not that they had good reason to, but Mc Cain would have won if 95% of whites voted for him as blacks did for Obama. I would like to see the percentage of whites who voted for a third party. I am assuming if you put the people who voted “other” in with the percentage who voted for Mc Cain, it would come out as 57 to 43 which is slightly more impressive.

And then there are all the whites who sat the election out because both candidates were way too liberal.

Have the poor fools been unable to understand that it would be perfectly understandable for whites to reject a candidate who despises them because of their race?

If the media wasn’t so corrupt it would have a category of whites, expressed as a per cent, that represented whites who believe they will fare badly in a black administration that has been involved in so much anti-white hatred.

I sensed little enthusiasm for the Mc Cain-Palin ticket, outside a few on the right who seem to believe Sarah Palin is a cross between the Virgin Mary and Brunhilde—and that too is a Belief.

As is glaringly apparent from the above summary, whites and non-whites voted for two different and opposing Obamas.

This election was not a political contest, it was a religious one.

Non-white Obama voters were engaged in a tribal ritual.

They either voted for Big Chief Obama (in blacks’ case), or against the White Devils (in the other cases).

For whites, their votes were either an acceptance of The Obamessiah, who would expiate the sins of their race and nation, or a rejection of him and his well packaged creed.

The GOP will try for the center-swing vote in the 2010 midterms. I’m willing to put up with liberal democrats in office if it means getting rid of the GOP’s “Democrat Lite”.

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