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Being influenced by the hip hop scene back home, and the one in their new home, some started to create their own music.

Beogradski sindikat have followed up their debut with 2005's Svi zajedno, having founded their own label, Prohibicija, due to their dissatisfaction with Automatik Records.

Despite the success of his debut album, Marčelo was unable to settle his differences with Bassivity label, and at the end of 2005, appropriately marking the end of the second wave, released his second album Puzzle Shock! Since 2007, the oldest independent label in Serbia, Take It Or Leave It records (established 1992), and their sub-label Rap Cartel have released almost every rap album.

Illuminati X released their debut album in the summer of 2009 during Vidovdan Serb Fest in Niagara Falls, Ontario, This album was a free give away and hundreds of CDs were shipped to Serbs in Kosovo.

In total thousands of CDs were given out for free, and another 6000 were downloaded. Following Illuminati X came Filip Filipi, formally known as Sin.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, bands such as CYA, Green Kool Posse (Sunshine crew), Who Is The Best, Robin Hood, Double 1, Bez Kaucije, Crno-Bela Veza, and Jedva Smo Se Skupili came into being, all together starting the first Hip Hop scene in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia.

The music spread slowly until 1995, until Da li imaš pravo?

Sin rose to success shortly after working with many Serbian artists, and also American ones such as Tom Gist, Cam'Ron, Jay Bezel, Lil' Wayne, and Gucci Mane. T-Pain was chosen for the Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance?

, which in total had over 14 million viewers worldwide.

The first rap CD published by Rap Cartel was a compilation "Rap Cartel-Pablo je pao vol.1" The main rap singers known and published by Rap Cartel label are: SHA, Bata Barata ex Shorty, Monogamija, Bitcharke na travi, Bvana iz lagune, Hartmann, J COOK, M. X., Prti Beegee, De Niro, VOX and many less known artists.

This label also published first the licensed album from America, CD HAVIKK-Rhymme son (South Central cartel).

", "Prepoznaj", "Sa bolesne strane grada" and "Uživam u Radu", Sale Tru who is known for bringing back G Funk with hits such as "U Kraju", "Chill Sine", "Tralalala" and "Ic ol gud Bejbe Bejbe", One Shot (Rolex, Mali Mire and Zli Toni) (New wave of street rap) with hits such as "Air max i 20 eura", "Problem" and "Sve vaše nove fore moje su stare ustvari" and they are making a change in Serbian Hip Hop similar to the first wave: breaking from underground and becoming popular not just in Serbia but in the whole Balkan region. With the original hip-hop sound changing in the world, it also helped opened the doors for many artists.


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