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The "Amen Corner" was where the deacons and older men sat on the preacher’s right and kept him in order. The Felix Sanchez Stadium in Santo Domingo was filled to capacity as countless numbers of people from all walks of life – government officials, religious leaders, diplomat, politicians with visitors from other parts of the world and neighbouring country in the Caribbean trooped to the Olympic stadium to witness the mighty move of God at the Day 1 historic crusade in the Dominican Republic with Prophet T. She says when she was laying on the stretcher at the prayer line at the Crusade in Paraguay Prophet T. Joshua prayed for her and she felt the “supernatural power of God”. He wore female clothes, applied female make-up including lipsticks, and went to the extent of dating men and eventually got married to a man because he only had affection for men.

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They removed their lumbar corsets, neck collars, knee and foot braces and began to walk to the glory of God. A man with crutches knew it was time to remove himself from the crutches he had used over time.

A woman from the USA who was unable to walk was able to walk after Prophet T. When the spirit of God heard his cry and the man of God touched him, the man walked freely without the crutches to the glory of God.

A woman who was weak, bedridden and unable to sit up nor walk. Joshua prayed for her and she gained strength in her once frail bones and the once weak woman was strong enough to sit up and began to walk in liberty for the glory of God! The sick were no longer in pains; they were moving freely and thanking God in the highest.

Laying on her mattress, the weak and immobile woman cried out to the man of God in desperation! After the massive healing and deliverance experienced in the prayer line, Prophet T. Joshua leads the congregation and viewers all over the world in a mass prayer. Joshua was honoured with two awards – the ‘Cámara de Diputados de la República Dominicana’ by the Congressmen and Senators of the nation of the Dominican Republic.

If you sow of the spirit, you shall reap eternal life”. Joshua went straight to the prayer line to pray for the sick and deliverance the oppressed in the name of Jesus Christ.

“Prosperity is now seen as a reward; whereas God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”. Those in the Prayer line came from afar with various degrees of ailments – wheelchair-bound due to prolonged cancer, strapped in lumbar corsets due to lumbar spondylosis, restrained in neck collars due to stiff neck problems, difficulty in walking due to severe knee and ankle problems.

Because of the anthemic tune, Mitchell has literally travelled the world ministering in places one could only dream of.

recently sat down with the multi award-winning artist and talked to him about his seventh solo album, staying relevant in the ever-changing music game, as well as, furthering his education. Unstoppable is about a mindset because God already knows who we are.

Living life as a woman, Ruiz was accomplished in life, he had financial means and a well-paying job, yet he was not satisfied.


  1. The conversation should never be about what a cartoonist herself (or himself) looks like, but rather about what their WORK looks like. He should have thought it over before sending me that envelope.

  2. The film is set to hit screens on December 22, 2017.

  3. We could hear it through the wall.” My boyfriend and I expressed our sympathy and asked where she lived in the dorm.

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