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Recently, a girl who found herself in this vulnerable situation came up with a response so brilliant that almost every girl should give her an award for showing us the perfect way out.

The girl, Twitter account named ‘Par‘, lives in New Zealand.

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ladies if you had the choice which would you go for???

got the chance to go in feb and am struggling to decide, although dubai flight is 6/7 hours wheras vegas is 10/11?? xx we went dubai for week few years ago and had fab time i wore skirts and little top were fine about it ! witch ever u do wil be fab x I've never been to Dubai but have been to Vegas.

The majority of our students qualifies for lunch and breakfast at no extra charge.

Cell Phones Access to personal cell phones during the school day is a privilege, not a right.

just like pp said bit of respect and depends were u stay we stayed in welthy part so they used to tourists ! My sister has been to both, and I don't think she was that impressed with Dubai.

My brother and his wife love Vegas so much that they went back the following year.

I went to Vegas in 2003, we'd already been to San Fran and LA, so it was the last 3 days of our holiday. So we couldn't do a lot really, and we'd spent most of our money already!

We stayed in the Luxor and it was really lovely - huge rooms, loads to do in the hotel, gorgeous swimming pool. It's one of those places that you have to see to believe, everything is way over the top but there is so much to see and do!

Although saying that, another couple we know thought Vegas was horrible, they hated it, too tacky. I would say Dubai, having stopped off there twice on the way to/from my Dad's in Thailand.


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