Psa on dating violence who is dating leighton meester in real life

The second greatest challenge is helping teens understand what TDV looks like.

Psa on dating violence

We want to bring awareness to parents and community members that our teens are dating and we want to educate our youth and help prevent them from experience dating violence.” Contest Prize: One $500 scholarship cash prize awarded to two winners of the contest Submission: Please email Alexandra at [email protected] a direct You Tube link to your announcement.

Video entry screening is on February 24, 2017 at 6 p.m.

Successfully raising awareness about teen dating violence is best achieved by preparing a well-organized, engaging school event.

Educational programs focusing on teen dating should include content that is current and relevant to a teenage audience.

There are two main challenges involved in raising awareness about teen dating violence (TDV).

The first is convincing a teenage audience that every teen in the room is at risk for TDV.

Below are some ways that you can jump-start your teen dating program: 1) Start with some True or False questions that help call attention to teen dating violence myths: 2) Dispel these myths by reminding teens that TDV can affect teens of all races, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

3) Split one third of your audience away from the rest of the group and explain how they represent the one third of teens who will experience TDV.

The DVC of SCV presents our first annual Teen Public Service Announcement video contest in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.


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